Best Travel Insurance for Seniors Over 80

Best Travel Insurance for Seniors Over 80

As we get older, the urge to travel and visit our families doesn't just go away. Senior travelers 80 years of age and older are no exception! If you’re a traveler over 80, one of the best things you can do to set yourself up for an amazing trip is to make sure you have what you need to stay safe.

Along with building out an exciting itinerary and ensuring that your lodging and transportation have the accommodations you need, you should also look into your travel safety options. The most important of these being travel medical insurance. Whether you’re looking for visitors insurance for parents over 80 or doing some research for yourself, we’ve got the rundown on some of the best travel insurance plans for people 80 and over.

What Is Travel Insurance for Seniors 80 and Older?

In general, travel medical insurance is important for all international travelers because once you leave your home country, your domestic healthcare won’t cover you. To ensure that you can get any urgent care you need while abroad without breaking the bank, you’ll want to find a good travel medical insurance.

Whether you’re looking for visitors insurance for a trip to the United States or are looking for international travel insurance for your trip overseas, finding good travel insurance is essential. 

Is There Travel Insurance for Seniors Over 80?

While being a senior over 80 does tend to limit your options for travel insurance, there are still plans available that can protect a senior over 80 while traveling outside of their home country.

If you’re over 80, travel insurance options can be limited since age is one of the primary factors insurance companies consider a risk. Because of this, most plans for travelers over 80 have restricted policy maximum options, reduced benefits and higher premiums. However, there are some great options when it comes to travel insurance for seniors over 80.

Is Travel Insurance for Over 80 Necessary?

Because many seniors over 80 are at a higher risk of illness and injury, it's important for them to have travel medical insurance, especially when traveling to the United States. 

Without insurance, a doctor’s visit could cost hundreds of dollars, while a trip to the emergency room could cost thousands of dollars out of pocket. With visitor's insurance, seniors can travel with peace of mind.

What Does Travel Insurance for 80 and Over Cover?

Travel medical insurance for seniors over 80 can offer a vital safeguard against the unexpected while traveling abroad.

At a glance, travel medical insurance can offer coverage for emergency medical events that occur during a senior’s travels. This can induce hospitalization, surgery, and other treatment for new and unexpected illnesses or injuries during the effective dates of one’s policy.

Coverage can include the following:

Coverage will vary from plan to plan, especially for seniors over 80. Be sure to review a plan’s wording for more details regarding coverage.

Does Travel Insurance for Over 80 Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

There are select travel medical insurance plans for seniors over 80 that may offer limited pre-existing conditions coverage. However, after a certain age, the benefits for pre-existing conditions will decrease due to the increased likelihood of an illness due to a pre-existing condition as one ages.

So while pre-existing conditions may be covered in a limited capacity for seniors over 80 under some travel insurance plans, the benefit amount may be much lower than that of a younger traveler and the policy maximum may also be higher to offset risk for the insurance company.

Best Travel Insurance for Seniors Over 80

To find the best travel insurance for seniors over 80, browse our selection of top-rated travel medical insurance plans to find the policy that best fits your needs.

If you have any specific questions about travel medical insurance for seniors over 80, our Customer Success Team is happy to help!