Flight Accident Insurance Plans

Flight Accident Insurance Plans

Flight Accident Insurance coverage helps provide you with immediate medical care if there's an in-flight emergency. It covers the cost of quickly transporting you to the nearest medical facility. 

Flight accident insurance is imperative for anybody traveling by air. With a plan that includes flight accident insurance, you'll be covered for medical care should an in-air accident occur.

Flight accident insurance is generally part of any visitors' travel medical insurance. But it can also be added as a rider to any travel basic plan.

Flight Accident Insurance is a type of trip insurance designed to provide coverage against any accident you may encounter while on a licensed commercial flight. This insurance also serves as a form of .

In these types of extreme accidents, the insurance policy provides a lump sum benefit amount for you or your beneficiary. Anyone who frequently travels by air needs Flight Accident Insurance to protect them in case an injury or fatality occurs aboard a plane.

In case of dismemberment (the loss of a limb), a fractional amount is paid to the insured. Other accidents such as the loss of sight or permanent paralysis are also covered; the amount that will be paid depends on the package, and may vary from insurer to insurer. Covered injuries are explicitly enumerated in the insurance policy.

Flight Accident Insurance will not cover you under following circumstances:

  • Death as a result of any sickness
  • Death during a surgery
  • Death resulting from mental or physical illness
  • Death due to drug overdose

Here's a list of some of the top-rated plans with flight accident insurance.