How Do You Use the Seven Corners Rx Discount Card?

How Do You Use the Seven Corners Rx Discount Card?

An Rx discount card provides discounts on a variety of prescription medications available at pharmacies. This pharmacy discount card program makes prescriptions more affordable and can be used to supplement most health insurance plans.

The Discount Drug Card by Seven Corners is a free pharmacy discount card and is available to anyone who buys a Seven Corners travel insurance policy. The Seven Corners discount card is an Rx discount card that provides discounts and savings on prescription medications and over-the-counter medications at participating pharmacies. The prescription discount card will be emailed as an attachment along with the insurance purchase confirmation email.

Alternatively, you can download the discount card from the Seven Corners website. Signing up is quick, easy, and free, and the prescription drug discount card is activated and ready to use right away. Here are some of the top questions travelers have about the Seven Corners Prescription Card.


What are the advantages of the Rx Discount Card?

  • It's free.
  • Save up to 85% on your prescription medication purchases.
  • Prescription costs and co-pays are sometimes less expensive than using your insurance.

How do you use the prescription Discount Drug Card?

  • Once you download the policy, you'll get a list of discounts through email.
  • From Print Card. A PDF will open with your discount card. Print this page.
  • Bring your printed discount card to a participating pharmacy in your area.
  • Show your discount card and prescription to the pharmacist and ask for a discount.
  • Enjoy savings on your prescription medications of up to 85%.

Is the Rx Card actual travel insurance?

No, the Discount Drug Card is not a travel health insurance plan nor a discount medical program. This pharmacy discount card is only a savings card that helps you save on prescription medications. It can't be used as a replacement for travel medical insurance.


Can I use the Discount Drug Card with my health insurance?

Yes, you should bring both your health insurance card and discount card to the pharmacy when picking up and purchasing your prescription medications. Ask the pharmacist which option (health insurance card or discount card) will lower the cost of your prescription.

However, your insurance plan may not cover some of the prescription drugs included under the discount card.


Will the Discount Drug Card count towards my deductible?

Generally, if your travel medical insurance has a deductible, the prescriptions you purchase using the discount card won't count towards your deductible. However, insurance plans vary so you should contact your insurance company for specific information.

If you have an HSA or HRA plan, your purchases made using the Rx discount card may count towards your deductible, but be sure to contact your HSA/HRA provider for specific information.


Does the Discount Drug Card work online?

It should work online as long as your online pharmacy accepts insurance. Just include the information on your discount card when filling out your online paperwork.


Can I still use the Discount Drug Card even if I don't have a printer?

Yes, even if you can't print your discount card, you may send a copy to your email or mobile phone, or you may write down the Member ID, GRP, BIN, and PCN information down and give it to the pharmacist when you pick up your medications.


Can others use my Discount Drug Card?

Yes, you can share your discount card with anyone, and it never expires.


Is the Discount Drug Card secure?

Yes, your privacy is protected and Seven Corners adheres to HIPAA guidelines and regulations, ensuring that your personal information is never shared.

If you have any questions about Seven Corners Insurance or the Rx discount card, you can find out more information at VisitorsCoverage.