Travel Medical Insurance for Senior Travelers 70 to 79 Years of Age

Travel Medical Insurance for Senior Travelers 70 to 79 Years of Age

For seniors over 70 considering international travel, health and safety are top priorities. The best way to ensure that senior travelers stay protected during their journeys is to get a visitors insurance policy that caters to the needs of the older travelers. Travel insurance companies consider people older than 70 to be at high risk for illness and injury. Because of this, most senior travel insurance plans have restricted policy maximum options, reduced benefits and higher premiums.

But since senior citizen travelers are at a higher risk, it's even more crucial for travelers in this age range to have quality travel medical insurance, especially when visiting the United States. Without insurance, something as simple as a doctor visit can cost hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

What is the Best Travel Insurance for Seniors?

Understandably, seniors may be wary about traveling because of the potential risks, but that's exactly why good senior insurance is so important. With travel insurance for senior citizens, older travelers can feel confident and comfortable on their adventures. There are several plans that offer benefits for seniors including 100% coverage for emergency medical care, acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage and emergency medical evacuation.

With a comprehensive visitors insurance plan, people aged 70-79 can travel stress-free, knowing they are covered for the unexpected.

If you have any specific questions about travel insurance for seniors 70-79 years of age, our Customer Success Team is happy to help.