Key Features to Look for in Travel Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Key Features to Look for in Travel Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Whether you are a parent planning your visit to the United States or an individual helping your parents get prepared for their USA trip, you may be contemplating whether travel medical insurance, or visitors insurance, is necessary to ensure safe and protected travels.

While visitors insurance does come with an added expenditure, it can provide a vital safeguard for parents visiting the USA as it can offer coverage for unexpected medical emergencies such as an illness or injury that occurs during a parent’s stay.

With so many visitors insurance options, it might be difficult to determine what exactly to look for when selecting the best travel insurance for parents visiting USA. However, there are specific key benefits to look for that are best suited for parents and offer sufficient protection while traveling abroad.

Is US Visitors Insurance Necessary?

US visitors insurance is often considered necessary for parents visiting the USA considering the extremely high costs of medical care in the United States. Additionally, most insurance plans from one’s home country won’t offer coverage abroad, so temporary health insurance is crucial.

Health insurance for parents visiting USA can ensure that if an emergency medical issue were to occur during a trip to the United States, parents would have the vital coverage they need to avoid the heavy financial burden of US healthcare costs.

What to Look for in Health Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

When selecting a plan either for your parents or for yourself, here are some key factors to look for that will provide the best protection possible.

Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive visitors insurance plan is best suited for parents visiting the United States as it offers extensive medical coverage as opposed to a limited or fixed benefit visitors insurance plan.

Comprehensive visitors insurance plans can often cover up to 100% of eligible medical expenses up to the policy maximum when visiting an in-network provider, often giving complete protection for eligible treatments.

While limited visitors insurance can be enticing due to its lower premium, it only covers up to a fixed amount per treatment or service, which can greatly increase out-of-pocket costs.

For the best coverage, a comprehensive visitors insurance plan is preferred.

PPO Network Plan

Visitors insurance plans that offer access to a PPO network are a key benefit to look for when selecting US travel insurance for parents.

Access to a PPO network can:

  • Make it easier to find the nearest care in the event of needing medical attention
  • Give a preferred rate on medical services
  • Provide the best coverage percentage for eligible expenses

Comprehensive visitor insurance plans will provide coverage for providers within their PPO network.

High Policy Maximum

Selecting a plan with a higher policy maximum will give parents the best safeguard in the event of an emergency medical event.

With a higher policy maximum, a parent visiting the US will have more cushion when it comes to covered medical expenses.

While a higher policy maximum may increase the policy's cost, it will give higher protection and prevent more out-of-pocket costs for expensive medical treatment such as hospitalization or surgery.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Emergency medical evacuation is a crucial benefit of visitors insurance that will offer coverage in the event that your parents have an emergency medical event and need to be airlifted or transported to the nearest hospital that can properly handle their treatment.

Emergency airlifts can cost tens of thousands of dollars without insurance, and while no one wants to think that they will need emergency transport during their stay in the US, this benefit can prove to be crucial protection financially.

Repatriation of Remains

Repatriation of remains is another benefit that is often included in visitors insurance plans that is important for elderly parents visiting the US.

This benefit ensures that if a parent were to suddenly pass away during their visit, family members would receive coverage and assistance with local authorities when it comes to returning their remains back to their home country.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

The accidental death and dismemberment benefit can help provide financial assistance to family members if a parent were to pass away or become seriously dismembered during their travels. 

AD&D coverage pays out a lump sum to a specified beneficiary in the event of death or dismemberment, which can greatly assist with burial and associated costs.

Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions

When it comes to older travelers, pre-existing conditions may be a concern. Traveling with a pre-existing condition can be scary, especially if a symptom of a condition were to flare up unexpectedly while away from home.

Select visitors insurance plans offer limited coverage for pre-existing conditions or coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage is more common, and can provide medical coverage in the event that a dormant condition suddenly flares up without warning during a parent’s stay in the US.

Where to Buy Health Insurance for Parents Visiting the US

Temporary health insurance coverage for parents visiting the United States can be purchased online through VisitorsCoverage in just a matter of minutes.

Parents visiting the US can purchase coverage for themselves, or their children in the US can purchase coverage for their parents who are visiting.

Stay Protected Abroad With Visitors Insurance

US travel insurance for parents can provide the ultimate peace of mind knowing that if an unexpected medical emergency were to occur, your parents would have coverage in a country where medical expenses are notoriously high.

Compare visitor insurance plans to find the best travel insurance for parents visiting USA or contact our Customer Success Team for further assistance.