Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions: FAQs

The term acute onset of pre-existing condition refers to an unwarned, sudden and spontaneous recurrence of a pre-existing medical condition. Some visitor insurance policies do offer coverage for acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions. The purpose of this benefit is to cover the risk that the recurrence of pre-existing medical conditions could happen. The conditions must be life threatening and the person must seek the medical care within 24 hours.

(To learn more about acute onset of pre-existing conditions, please refer to: Acute Onset of Pre Existing Conditions Explained)

What An Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition Benefit May Cover

Acute onset of pre-existing conditions benefits covers necessary emergency care for any medical emergency that is life-threatening or requires immediate medical treatment. It may also cover you for emergency medical transportation, emergency room costs, surgery, medications etc depending on the plan benefits you choose.

A full definition of Acute onset of Preexisting conditions can be found in respective insurance policy document.

From a customer point of view: How do you know whether a particular medical condition will be covered under Acute onset of pre-existing conditions benefits of the policy or not?

Its nearly impossible to outline every situation that could occur, but from an insurance companys point of view, anything that is not actually acute (i.e., serious or life-threatening) falls under routine medical care and it will not be covered. Of course, every persons experience is unique but only its assessment and other factors may determine whether the situation falls under the term acute onset of pre-existing condition.

We understand the anxiety around these types of questions and we know that for some travelers, this may be a deciding factor as to whether insurance will cover a given preexisting medical conditions situation or not.

However, to help you make that decision, we offer some additional information

What is Not Covered by Acute Onset Coverage

The following are most likely not covered under Acute onset of pre-existing condition benefits:

  1. Any Routine Medical Checkups.
    Example: See doctor if heart is healthy, or physical exam.
  2. Any Preventative Care or Medical Consultations
    Example: Getting flu shot, treadmill test.
  3. Refill of Prescription Medication
    Example: Refill of blood pressure medicines, refill of diabetes glucose meter test strips.
  4. Health Management Classes
    Example: Consultation, health management seminar, health consultation.

For example: If a traveler with pre-existing medical condition, lets say diabetes, needs to obtain glucose monitoring strips to measure their blood sugar levels or needs refill of daily medications, or needs to consult a medical professional expert for any treatment; these benefits are not covered under the acute onset of pre-existing conditions because these are considered as preventative care or routine health-care management or not a sudden, unexpected recurrence of an pre-existing medical condition.