Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions: FAQs

The term acute onset of pre-existing condition refers to an unwarned, sudden and spontaneous recurrence of a pre-existing medical condition. Some visitor insurance policies do offer coverage for acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions. The purpose of this benefit is to cover the risk that the recurrence of pre-existing medical conditions could happen. The conditions must be life threatening and the person must seek the medical care within 24 hours.

(To learn more about acute onset of pre-existing conditions, please refer to: Acute Onset of Pre Existing Conditions Explained)

What Is Covered by Acute Onset Coverage

Acute onset of pre-existing conditions benefits covers necessary emergency care for any medical emergency that is life-threatening or requires immediate medical treatment. It may also cover you for emergency medical transportation, emergency room costs, surgery, medications etc depending on the plan benefits you choose.

What is Not Covered by Acute Onset Coverage

The following are most likely not covered under Acute onset of pre-existing condition benefits:

  1. Any Routine Medical Checkups.
    Example: A physical exam or seeing a doctor if you're healthy
  2. Any Preventative Care or Medical Consultations
    Example: Getting a flu shot, treadmill test.
  3. Refill of Prescription Medication
    Example: Refilling of blood pressure medicines, refilling of diabetes glucose meter test strips.
  4. Health Management Classes
    Example: Consultation, health management seminar, health consultation.