You may have read extensively about pre-existing medical conditions, but not yet found a visitor insurance plan which actually covers pre-existing conditions. It is true that the majority of senior-aged people traveling to the USA or abroad do have some kind of pre-existing condition, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart problems, dialysis or cancer, among others, but unfortunately there is no visitor medical insurance plan which fully covers pre-existing conditions for visitors.

Our users and customers often question if it is worth buying a visitor health insurance policy if pre-existing conditions are not covered. This question may seem obvious from a buyer's perspective, but there are several other points to keep in mind. Not all health issues are due to pre-existing conditions. The probability of any health hazard arising due to pre-existing condition in most cases is 5 to 10 percent, but what about the other 90 percent? You surely need a health insurance plan to protect yourself from incurring health expenses.

Lets us share our experience what we have been hearing from customers, there are two major health risks for visitors coming to the USA.

  • The most common health concern is general sickness/illness due to a change of weather, food habits, etc.
  • Another concern involves accidents, which may take place anywhere, anytime, since the traveler will most likely be making road trips within USA.

Having visitor insurance can give you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy your vacation or business trip.

Is There Any Solution for Visitors with Pre-Existing Conditions?

The most common pre-existing conditions we hear are high blood pressure and diabetes. Though people with these conditions can be in good and stable condition, they may be dependent on medicines, insulin or regular checkups.

The Cover America - Gold travel medical insurance plan offers acute onset of a pre-existing condition coverage as an optional rider to the policy. The only plan of its kind in the marketplace, Cover America - Gold insurance is a comprehensive coverage plan and is especially recommended for senior travelers and relatives visiting the US. For more information on this one-of-a-kind plan, visit Cover America - Gold Insurance.

While it is true that pre-existing conditions may not always be covered, there are certain ways you can take precautions to avoid illness and prepare yourself for such a situation.

Additionally, here are few common and proven tips for visitors with pre-existing conditions:

  • First, buy a good visitor medical insurance plan. Opt for comprehensive PPO coverage such as Liaison Travel Elite.
  • Get a thorough and complete medical checkup done before you travel to the USA. This will be useful for your trip and also help diagnose any hidden medical issues. This also gives you peace of mind to travel worry free and prepared.
  • Carry sufficient amounts of medicines from your home country.
  • People with high blood pressure and/or Diabetes should consider buying self measuring equipments. These do not cost a lot but, will be very useful for home use. The price range for these vary between $15 to $100. Individuals inviting their parents to USA can buy these from any local electronics shops or the internet. You can even get your medicines from your home country delivered via regular mail, with the exception of controlled drugs.
  • Pay attention to your eating habits, exercise regularly, make friends and measure your blood pressure and sugar on a regular basis.
  • Hosts should not make hectic travel plans for their guests, but rather ensure that they ask them from time to time if they have any problems. Parents being hosted should not be offended to take instructions from their children, since it is for their well-being and safety.
  • Read more about claims concerning pre-existing conditions.
  • Read - services not covered by an insurance policy

If you follow the aforementioned tips, you will have a better control on your health problems and a pleasant travel and stay in USA.


CoverAmerica - Gold

Underwriters: Lloyd's of London
  • For international travelers to the US
  • Coverage up to 364 days
Plan Highlights:
  • Plan pays 100% in network after deductible
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Provides up to $125,000 in acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage
  • Urgent care consultation co-pay $20-$25
  • Covers emergency dental treatment and eye exams
Plan Information

Patriot America Plus

Underwriters: Sirius International
  • For non-US citizens traveling outside their home country or country of citizenship.
  • Coverage from 5 to 365 days
Plan Highlights:
  • Plan pays 100% outside US, up to the policy maximum
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Provides acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage up to the maximum limit for people 69 and under
  • Urgent care copay $25
  • Coverage for trip interruption and lost baggage
Plan Information

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