Global Medical Insurance vs Travel Insurance

Global Medical Insurance vs Travel Insurance

What's Travel Medical Insurance?

Travel medical insurance is designed to help you cover the costs of unexpected medical expenses. Travel medical insurance is intended for people who are traveling for a short time and who know exactly when they are traveling and returning home. Travel medical insurance is best suited for people traveling on holiday, visiting family, or taking short business trips out of their home country.

What's Global Medical Insurance?

Global medical insurance is another way for travelers to stay physically and financial protected. When considering global medical insurance vs. travel medical insurance, consider how long you will be staying in your new country. Global medical insurance is perfect for expatriates (also known as expats) living or working abroad for long periods of time. It's also great for international travelers on deputation who need coverage while they are working overseas but also traveling back to their home country for short periods of time. Global medical insurance is also a good option for people who will be working in different countries at a time, such as traveling bloggers or vloggers.

Global medical insurance for international employees

International employees working outside of their home country for most of the year but who come back home for a few months would benefit from global medical insurance since it's similar to domestic insurance policies. You'd only need one policy for international coverage. Global employees will enjoy having access to medical attention in countries where you may not be familiar with the healthcare system, giving you a global peace of mind.

Global medical insurance works globally

Global medical insurance policies have PPO networks worldwide and you will have access to all of your medical needs at those providers. When you go to a new country, you'll be covered if you get sick or need medical attention. Once you're a member, you can reach your insurance company for assistance from anywhere in the world.

Global medical insurance for companies and businesses

Global medical insurance is a cost-saving solution for employees because companies don't need to spend extra on domestic insurance plans. With one global plan, employers can cover their employees worldwide. Additionally, global travelers on deputation don't have to wait for paperwork which means less hassle and more convenience.

Stay protected with global medical insurance

Global medical policies offer more coverage compared to travel medical insurance because they cover pre-existing medical conditions. Thus, you only need one policy to cover you across the globe. Having one policy means you will save money by removing the need to buy domestic insurance. With their ease of use and global coverage, you'll have peace of mind.