Every month, millions of travelers take international trips for vacation, business, study tours, or missionary travel. However, it is often found that many international travelers harbor a wrong belief that their home country health insurance policies would offer coverage for any losses incurred during their foreign trip or they would be entitled to all healthcare benefits and be eligible for socialized medicine as citizens of their host country. While your home health insurance policy might cover you against some risks, it may not reimburse if you or a close relative gets ill or you urgently need to interrupt or cancel your trip.

In case of an emergency during a foreign trip, such as an accident, a lost wallet or passport, illness, trip interruption or even death, you might find yourself in a precarious situation and financial crisis without a comprehensive international health insurance policy. Having a travel insurance policy would offer you coverage for the health and travel expenses incurred during your overseas trip, including emergency evacuation, hospital bills, medical assistance, flight accident and brief return to homeland, among others.

Benefits of International Health Insurance Policy

Lack of adequate travel insurance coverage can expose you to financial crisis, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars much more than the cost of the trip abroad. International health insurance policies also offer coverage for health expenses incurred away from home.

  • International health insurance offers protection and financial security against health care losses while you are in a foreign land, bringing you peace of mind that you would not have to incur expenses from your pocket in case of an emergency.
  • International travel insurance also offers coverage against theft. Your insurance provider will take away your stress and make the necessary arrangements for you in such a crisis to ensure you enjoy your foreign trip with complete peace of mind.
  • With international health insurance, you can be confident you will receive quality healthcare when you are away from your homeland if you find yourself involved in a health crisis.

International travel always involves risk, but this should not prevent you from taking a sojourn to a foreign land. Lack of comprehensive international health insurance coverage may expose you to emotional stress, physical injury, and financial risk and liability, so why not choose a comprehensive yet affordable travel health insurance policy from a reputable insurance company that can ensure you receive all the benefits for your intended trip?

Why VisitorsCoverage for International Travel Insurance

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