VisitorsCoverage Transforms Travel Insurance Marketplace for Covid & Beyond

VisitorsCoverage Transforms Travel Insurance Marketplace for Covid & Beyond

VisitorsCoverage launches redesigned traveler-first marketplace for travel insurance.


The pandemic has for the foreseeable future changed the way we travel. While travelers are more likely to buy travel insurance than ever before, it’s crucial that they have access to and understand the particulars of their travel medical or trip insurance coverage. To address the challenge of educating customers and simplifying their compare-and-buy experience, VisitorsCoverage has launched a brand new website specifically designed to serve the changing needs of travelers as they navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic and beyond.

An All-new Global Travel Insurance Marketplace

The company’s new tagline “Insurance for the way you travel” embodies their mission to give travelers the resources they need to take control of their travel safety options. When it comes to travel insurance, modern travelers demand and expect flexibility and a variety of coverage benefits. The traditional one-size-fits-all approach to travel insurance is obsolete. Today’s travelers are as unique as the trips they take; they deserve insurance coverage tailored to fit their specific needs. Put simply, travelers deserve insurance for the way they travel.

The newly redesigned marketplace provides travelers faster, more intuitive quoting, enhanced AI-based self-service, and timely access to world-class products and services.

As CEO Rajeev Shrivastava states, “Customer education and technology-driven innovations are central to our mission of simplifying travel insurance. In light of the unpredictability brought on by the pandemic, this mission takes on new urgency.” Enhanced, intuitive site navigation and innovative new features give travelers the power to research, compare and buy travel insurance in minutes by leveraging the following key elements:

  • Efficiency: Whether traveling for business or leisure, travelers can find the right insurance for their needs in minutes.
  • Flexibility: With one of the most extensive portfolios of travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage and Cancel For Any Reason options, VisitorsCoverage offers the flexibility essential for today’s travelers.
  • Transparency: Product reviews and comparison tools educate first-time buyers and provide an objective overview of their travel insurance options.
  • Autonomy: New and enhanced AI self-service options give policyholders more control over their travel insurance choices.
And much more.

Ultimately, the new site demonstrates the company’s dedication to their guiding principle of offering insurance to keep people safe, secure and well prepared.

About VisitorsCoverage Inc:

VisitorsCoverage is a global leader in travel insurance, with more than a million customers in 175 countries. We’re on a mission to simplify the complex world of travel insurance by reimagining the buying experience and delivering flexibility and peace of mind to travelers. Our innovative marketplace allows travelers to find the right travel insurance for their needs in minutes. So, whether you’re scaling mountains, visiting family or traveling for business, you’ll feel safe, secure and well prepared. Discover insurance for the way you travel at