VisitorsCoverage Informs Travelers of Tainted Alcohol Risks

VisitorsCoverage Informs Travelers of Tainted Alcohol Risks

SANTA CLARA, CA (September 23, 2019) -- Silicon Valley-based VisitorsCoverage, an online travel insurance insurtech company, is amping up online education for customers searching for travel insurance who may have concerns about consuming tainted alcohol. The company is a global leader in the insurtech industry and pioneered an extensive digital knowledge center for travelers purchasing medical travel insurance.

While consumption of alcohol is often an enjoyable aspect to a holiday, each traveler must use discretion and safety precautions when consuming alcohol while abroad, says Rajeev Shrivastava, CEO and founder of VisitorsCoverage. Most travel insurance policies have an alcohol exclusion clause that may deny or limit medical claims to persons injured or ill while under the influence of alcohol. Some clauses are based on the attending physician's determination, others are based on the legal limit in the country the traveler was treated in, while others may have a flat out zero-tolerance policy.

In the wake of recent reported deaths in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, travel warnings have arisen from the industry. No travel advisories have been issued from the U.S. State Department but other countries have issued warnings. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) regulates domestic alcohol only and does not assign risk levels that differentiate consuming spirits, wine or beer leaving tourists to be wary of consuming all types of potentially counterfeit or tainted alcohol when traveling abroad.

VisitorsCoverage is sharing a statement regarding travel coverage in the Dominican Republic released by its partner provider, International Medical Group (IMG).

In regard to the recent, sudden illnesses and deaths to travelers in the Dominican Republic, IMG members who purchased a travel protection plan may receive accident and sickness medical expense, emergency medical evacuation, medical repatriation, return of remains, or trip interruption benefits if they become ill while in the Dominican Republic the U.S. government has not found any connection between these incidents and has not raised the travel advisory level of the Dominican Republic due to these events. For any travelers that may be fearful of their upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic and wish to cancel their trip, fear is not a covered peril under the trip cancellation benefit and thus would not be covered.

Shrivastava concludes, the most beneficial advice for travelers is to purchase Cancel for Any Reason travel insurance coverage which allows them to recoup most of their prepaid expenses if an incident occurs 48 hours prior to their departure and they want to cancel out of caution, fear or for any other reason.

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