Why Are Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plans Better?

It is often confusing for people to choose a suitable visitors medical insurance for their relatives and friends. Our customers often complain that there are too many plans to choose from. How do I know, which one is good for me? The easy answer from our side is choose a comprehensive coverage plan, if the visitor is below 80 years of age, and a you are ready to pay a slightly higher premium, to get more extensive coverage and a certain peace of mind.

Visitors Medical Coverage plans usually come in two types-Basic or Limited Coverage Plans and Comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive Coverage plans are a little more expensive, but they have more extensive coverage, compared to limited coverage plans.

Comprehensive Coverage Plans Explained

These plans offer much better and flexible coverage. Most of these plans work like PPO-type of 80-20% plan. After one time deductible has been paid, insurance pays 80% for the initial $5,000, and thereafter 100%. The risk for the insured is a maximum of 20% of the cost of the first $5,000, that is, $1,000. The rest is the responsibility of the insurance company.

Percentage Based Coverage

One of the strongest reasons for choosing a Comprehensive Plans is that, it provides percentage based coverage. Depending on which plan you choose, the Comprehensive plans offered at VisitorsCoverage would cover from 75% to 100% of the bill after the deductible, up to policy maximum. The limited coverage plans on the other hand are based on a fixed schedule of benefits. For these plans the insurance company pays a fixed dollar amount. If you look closely, the amounts paid for each service and treatment for the limited coverage plan, are on the lower side. So your out of pocket expenses are a usually much higher with a limited coverage plan.

If your medical bills are higher you are much better covered with a comprehensive coverage plan. For example if you have a comprehensive plan of $50,000 Policy Maximum and a surgery costs you $20,000, you could be covered from $15,000 to $20,000. With the same policy maximum, and the same deductible, a limited coverage plan would cover you maximum up to $3,300.

One Time Deductible

The second advantage of Comprehensive Coverage plans, is that the deductible is only once in the whole policy period. For the Limited coverage plans the deductible is based on per sickness or injury. So for unrelated sickness or injury, you would need to satisfy the deductible amount separately.

For example, a person with a limited coverage plan and a deductible of $100 goes to the doctor with a bad case of diarrhea. For this he has to first satisfy the deductible of $100, before the insurance starts paying, based on a fixed schedule of benefits for several services and treatments related to diarrhea. But if he goes to a doctor for some problem unrelated to the diarrhea, like a hip injury, he would need to satisfy the deductible amount of $100, before the insurance starts paying for the new problem.

For a Comprehensive plan, with a $100 deductible, you would need to satisfy the deductible just once even if you go to the doctor for multiple problems.

PPO Network

The Comprehensive plans have the advantage of having a Preferred Providers Network. This means that if you go to doctors within the PPO Network, you get a reduced rate, negotiated between the providers and the insurance company. However you are not obligated to go to doctors within the network.

The limited coverage plans do not have the advantage of having a PPO Network. So the fees that are charged to a member are much higher, than someone with a Comprehensive Coverage plan.

Direct Billing

Another advantage of having a PPO Network is that the Providers within the PPO Network tend to bill the insurance company directly, than asking the member to pay upfront. Since the Limited Coverage plans do not have a PPO Network, the providers tend to charge the members, and then the members have to get reimbursed by the insurance company.

In-flight/International Travel Coverage

Most of the comprehensive plans have coverage for international travel. So you can get coverage during the international flight, as well as if you travel to multiple countries, apart from your home country. In-flight and International travel coverages are very important in uncertain times that we live in. Emergency medical Evacuation related to contagious sickness, that can strike very easily is compact closed aircraft, as well as medical emergency that can happen in transit during a layover in a different country, are covered by most comprehensive coverage plans. Limited coverage plans do not have international travel coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage Plans Have More Extensive Coverage

Purchasing a Comprehensive coverage plan is always better option unless, there is a constraint in paying for a higher premium, or there are age related restrictions to the policy maximums, provided by the insurance plan. Comprehensive Coverage plans offer more policy maximum options, pays a lot more for every covered service or treatment, and have more benefits, as their features.

You can get quotes, compare & purchase one of the comprehensive coverage plans online at Visitors Insurance; that would cover against unforeseen sickness and injury, unrelated to pregnancy or any other pre-existing condition.

If you need more information on insurance, send an email to support@visitorscoverage.com for advice or assistance from our licensed insurance experts.