How to Find the Best Insurance for Travelers

People travel for all types of reasons. Whether youre planning your next trip to visit family members in another nation, jetting off on a much-deserved vacation or preparing for important business travel, there is one thing you should never leave home without: specialized insurance that covers your needs as a traveler.

Travel and trip insurance policies help provide peace of mind. They can include different types of coverage to support medical emergencies, trip interruption or cancellation and an array of other situations that you may run into while away from home.

Before buying travel insurance, however, there are a few important things to know that will help you find the best policy for your journey.

What does it cover?

First things first, its key to have an understanding of the types of coverage available, and the difference between a travel medical plan and trip insurance.

Travel insurance is perfect for citizens of other nations taking trips to the U.S. It provides coverage for medical treatment, medical evacuation and other health services during international travel. Because a traditional health insurance plan may not offer the same coverage outside of the policyholders home country, a travel medical plan can help cover costs related to accidents, injuries and emergency medical services. Some policies even cover the acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

Trip insurance, on the other hand, can help travelers guard against unexpected expenses, or provide coverage for non-refundable expenses in case of trip interruption, delay or cancellation. In this way, travelers can recoup expenses for their transportation, lodging and other costs. Plans vary, but trip insurance can also provide coverage for lost luggage, a misplaced or stolen passport and more.

There are also more specific plans, such as:

What should I look for?

One of the best ways to find an ideal travel or trip insurance plan is to work with a travel insurance company that enables you to compare and buy from top insurers in the industry. In this way, you can see plan details related to different types of coverage (including trip cancellation, trip interruption, "Cancel for Any Reason" insurance, medical evacuation insurance, visitors insurance, short-term health insurance, green card insurance, student health insurance and more).

Seeing all of your options will help you find a policy that checks off the boxes on your list. Some things to consider and look out for within the details of the policies include:

  • Type of coverage: Make sure that the policy you purchase aligns with your trip. If youre traveling for business, for instance, look into a specific business travel insurance policy. Similarly, insurers also provide specific cruise insurance, or policies for specific destinations like Canada or Europe.
  • Medical care coverage: If you need a travel medical plan, make sure it will suit your personal health needs. A traveler with a pre-existing condition, for example, should select a policy that includes coverage for the acute onset of the condition, so that these potential medical expenses are covered.
  • Amount and duration: Its imperative to read the details of each policy to make sure that you purchase a policy that will include a sufficient coverage amount and will line up with the duration of your trip. Trip cancellation plans, for instance, include specified coverage amounts (up to $1,000 for trip delay and $100,000 for trip cancellation, across a maximum 90 days of coverage.) Frequent travelers can consider multi-trip insurance, which can support coverage for several trips during a year-long period. You may also need to consider different policy maximums in order to find the right plan for your travel needs.
  • When to compare and buy: Its also important to carefully time your trip or travel insurance purchase. If youve already booked a trip, but have yet to make your first deposit, youre in luckthis is an ideal time to buy travel insurance. Policies can vary, but some stipulate that travelers purchase their plan within a certain number of days after making their first trip deposit. Other plans enable coverage to be bought right up until the day of travel. Check the details of the policy to make sure youre buying at the right time.

Leveraging the services of an expert travel insurance provider will help you get all the information you need & purchase the best policy for your trip. Connect with us at VisitorsCoverage today to learn more.