Does travel insurance cover business trips? Generally, no. Because of this, business travelers have a different set of concerns when buying travel insurance and must select a plan that fits both their needs and their company's needs. When you're traveling for business purposes the last thing you want to worry about is travel mishaps that interfere with important business engagements. If your baggage is lost and you need replacement clothing, have to end your trip early and return home due to an emergency, or you become ill and require medical attention, business trip insurance can cover you and make your trip less emotionally and financially stressful.

Why Do You Need Business Travel Insurance?

  • Last Minute Cancellations
  • Kidnap & Ransom Coverage
  • Terrorism Coverage
  • Multiple Trips Annually
  • Baggage Loss or Delay
  • Medical Emergencies

If you're a businessperson who takes multiple business trips per year, multi-trip business travel insurance may be the best travel insurance for business travelers. These policies provide coverage for several trips over the course of a year, saving busy travelers time and money.

Business travel insurance covers expenses incurred from unexpected travel related incidents as well as emergency medical care. Depending on the plan, coverages may include emergency medical services, trip interruption, terrorism coverage, baggage loss, emergency medical evacuation, and more.

Business travelers visiting foreign countries are highly encouraged to travel with an adequate business trip insurance policy. Your company may not be liable for certain travel-related expenses or medical bills in case you are injured while abroad and you could be responsible for some substantial costs. Business travel insurance minimizes your liability and financial risk, allowing you to focus on whats important.