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Group Travel Insurance

Group Travel Insurance

Group Travel Insurance
What is it?

Group travel insurance is for groups of 5 or more people.

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Whether you're traveling outside your home country for a business trip with colleagues or a leisure trip with friends or family, if you have 5 people or more in your group, it's recommended that you consider purchasing international group health insurance to cover everyone in your party.Group policies are not only convenient and easy to manage, but they usually come at a lower rate, making the process of getting everyone insured hassle-free, while also giving you peace of mind.

Why group insurance matters

Organizing a leisure trip for a group of people can be complicated, time-consuming, and even risky, so it's important that necessary protection for all involved is put in place. Group travel insurance provides health coverage for the group of people traveling, so that everyone is covered in the event of an accident or illness.

The most significant advantage of travel insurance through a group policy is that it costs less than purchasing individual policies for each member of the group. You'll be able to get group travel insurance policies with the same coverage amounts & benefits for 10-20% less. Plus, you'll only need to fill out one form rather than filling out one form for every individual member of the group.

Because they are customizable, group medical insurance plans can be beneficial to families with five or more members, student groups, missionaries, business travelers and sports teams who are traveling outside of their home country.

Group travel insurance offers the following benefits:

  • Medical coverage
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Emergency services
  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Repatriation
  • Medical coverage during travel

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At VisitorsCoverage, you can easily compare Group Travel Insurance plans and buy them online, quickly and without excessive paperwork. Group Travel Insurance plans can help protect you from unforeseen circumstances and let you travel with peace of mind.

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