What Is Group Travel Insurance?

What Is Group Travel Insurance?

If you are planning a trip outside of your home country, it’s always important to consider purchasing a travel insurance plan to remain protected in the event of an unexpected illness or injury abroad.

However, if you are traveling in a large group of people (typically 5 travelers or more), you have the option of purchasing a group travel insurance plan rather than opting for individual policies, and there are several benefits that a group travel insurance plan can offer.

Who Is Eligible For Group Travel Insurance?

Typically, groups of 5 or more people who are traveling together outside of their home country can be eligible for a group travel plan. It may also be required that all members of the group have the same citizenship, such as U.S. residents, however this will depend upon the plan.

This type of travel insurance is perfect for large family vacations, student groups, corporate travel, or mission trips.

What Does Group Travel Insurance Cover?

Group travel insurance can cover a variety of unforeseen situations during a trip including: 

  • Hospitalization & outpatient services
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Lost luggage
  • Natural disasters
  • Terrorism
Coverage and benefits will vary from plan to plan. Read a plan's description of benefits for more details regarding what can be covered.

How Does Travel Insurance Work For Groups?

Group travel insurance works very similarly to individual travel insurance. However, the key difference is that you apply for everyone under one application and make one large premium payment for the entire group. However, each individual will still get their own ID card.

Additionally, when purchasing travel insurance for groups, everyone gets the same benefits, including coverage amounts, deductible, coinsurance, and policy maximum. Each individual must also have the same travel start and end dates.

If an individual on a group travel plan is injured during the trip and receives medical care, they will submit a claim individually, using the same process they would for a typical travel insurance plan.

Benefits of Group Travel Insurance

When deciding on whether or not to purchase a group travel insurance plan or individual policies, there are some benefits to consider:

  • A group plan is much more convenient to sign up for with a large group of people with only one application and payment
  • Group plans can cost up to 10% cheaper compared to individual plans (not all group travel insurance plans offer this discount)
  • A group insurance plan ensures that everyone in your group is covered when traveling

When deciding on a group travel insurance plan, it is important to consider the needs of every traveler in the group to choose a policy that has the benefits and coverage that will work for everyone.

Compare group travel insurance plans or contact our customer success team for assistance applying for a group travel insurance plan.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get travel insurance for a group?

Yes, you can get travel insurance for a group of people typically of 5 or more travelers through a group travel insurance plan.


Should I buy group travel insurance?

You may consider buying group travel insurance if you are traveling with many people and want to conveniently secure protection for everyone.


What doesn’t group travel insurance cover?

Group travel insurance has exclusions and limitations, just like any travel insurance plan. These exclusions can include pre-existing conditions or routine medical care. Read a plan’s description of benefits for more information on what is and isn’t covered.