Multi Trip Insurance

Multi Trip Insurance

If you are a frequent traveler and have plans to take multiple trips in a year, you might consider buying an international multi trip insurance plan. A multi trip insurance plan is a lot more convenient to use and manage because it saves you the hassle of buying the plans separately for each individual trip. You can take as many trips as you want in a year and you can choose 30 days or 45 days as the length of coverage for each trip.

Multi trip plans offer similar kinds of coverage as single trip international medical insurance. Along with medical coverage, these also cover for medical evacuation and repatriation. The advantage is that the same policy can cover you for multiple separate trips throughout the year.

Groups of 5 or more travelers may consider getting a multi trip group insurance. To learn more, visit our multi trip group insurance page.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi Trip Travel Insurance

It is good to buy a multi trip plan if you know you have to take more than two trips in a year. With a multi trip policy, you don't have to worry about sorting out a new plan every time you take a last minute flight or leave on short notice. As long as you meet the terms and conditions of your policy, you have insurance protection for the entire year.

This kind of policy might not be appropriate for you if you are not sure that you are definitely going to take at least two trips in a year.

Also, multi trip policies are usually restricted to a 30 or 45 days for each individual trip. If you plan to take longer trips, you may need to pay extra to buy more days to extend the coverage. This could take away from any cost savings that you initially made. In some cases, it may be better to opt for a single trip option instead of multi trip.

Below are two multi trip plans that offer medical coverage for international travelers.


Patriot Multi-Trip

Underwriters : Lloyd's
Inside US and Canada
  • In-network plan pays 90% up to $5,000, then 100% up to policy maximum.
    Out-network plan pays 80% up to $5,000, then 100% up to policy maximum
Outside US and Canada
  • Plan pays 100% up to policy maximum.

Atlas Multi Trip

Underwriters : Lloyd's
Inside US and Canada
  • After deductible, the plan pays 100% up to the policy maximum
Outside US and Canada
  • Plan pays 100% to the selected policy maximum.

Facts and Important Things to Know About Multi Trip Insurance:

  • Helps save you money
  • Provides you with better coverage
  • Is easier to manage and less paper work than buying separate plans

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