Your Journey Begins with Trip Insurance

Your Journey Begins with Trip Insurance

Whether the purpose of your trip is for business or pleasure, you invest a lot of time and money into your travel plans. So much forethought goes into booking, planning and laying out the details of your flight arrangements, your passport and other documents. Not to mention the time and attention that goes into deciding what to wear and what to bring.

Once you've booked your flight, arranged lodging and finalized activities on your itinerary, however, there's still one more step to take: Purchase a trip insurance policy for yourself and encourage your travel companions to do the same. Trip insurance can reimburse you for certain covered reasons, like flight cancellation or lost baggage.

But that's just the start of what trip insurance can do for you. Let's take a look at a few of the situations in which this coverage is especially beneficial and why it's a sound investment.

Trip Insurance Explained

First, let's lay the groundwork with a definition: Trip insurance safeguards your investment. This includes pre-paid travel expenses like the cost of your flight, your hotel room or accommodations, rental car costs and other similar arrangements. If an airline issue results in flight cancellation, trip insurance can reimburse you.

Trip insurance covers the following situations:

  • A last-minute cancellation or delay
  • Lost or stolen baggage or passport
  • Inclement weather
  • A sudden illness or death in the family

    If one of these issues comes up while your trip insurance policy is active, it can help you recoup financial losses.

    Benefits of specific types of trip insurance

    When it comes to choosing your trip insurance coverage options, there are a few different types of trip insurance to consider, and each comes with its own benefits.

    • Trip cancellation insurance: This insurance will help prevent certain financial losses if your trip's cancelled for unforeseen yet covered reasons. This can include situations like you or your spouse falling too ill to travel, the death of a travel companion or family member, damage to your home due to a natural disaster, job termination, or inclement and unsafe weather.
    • Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) insurance: While basic trip cancellation benefits will cover financial loss due to a limited number of covered reasons, like those mentioned above, a Cancel For Any Reason insurance plan is a bit more flexible. This benefit is added to basic trip insurance to cover expenses and certain nonrefundable trip deposits if you have to cancel your trip plans for literally any reason.
    • Trip delay insurance: Whether a traffic accident prevents you from getting somewhere on time, or your airline delays the flight, trip delay insurance can help reimburse extra costs caused by a delay, such as food and accommodations. This plan will go into effect once travel arrangements are delayed for more than a certain number of hours, stipulated within the plan (typically twelve hours).

    At VisitorsCoverage, you're able to get a clear picture of your available trip insurance options, get quotes and purchase the best trip insurance for your needs.

    Why you need trip insurance: real-world scenarios

    Trip insurance is a smart investment, particularly when you find the plan that is best suited to your travel endeavors. Here's a look at some real-world scenarios where trip insurance saves the day. Our trip insurance plans can help save you time, money and a headache:

    • A family trip is impacted by illness

      You and your family are gearing up for your yearly vacation. You found the perfect destination for family fun in the sun, you and your spouse have put together a detailed and adventurous itinerary and you're counting down the days until your departure.

      However, just a day before you're set to leave, your child falls ill and is unable to travel. Instead of losing out on the costs and investments you've already made, or electing to stay home with your sick little one as your spouse travels solo, you can count on your trip cancellation insurance to protect you financially.

    • A business trip saved after lost baggage

      You're traveling for a business trip and prepping for a big meeting during your flight. You arrive at your destination only to find that your baggage got lost along the way and you are now without your favorite power suit. But you thought ahead and purchased trip insurance. Costs associated with lost baggage can be reimbursed. Crisis averted.

      The latter is certainly the better choice, but buying a new suit (and replacing everything else that was lost with your bag) can get pretty expensive. Since you purchased a trip insurance policy, though, you're in luck. You can confidently purchase the clothes and materials you need for your meeting and get reimbursed for these costs through your trip insurance coverage.

    • Leisure travel supported by cancel for any reason insurance

      You and your significant other are preparing for a romantic getaway, just the two of you. You can't wait for the trip and are eagerly packing your bags, when news of a bird flu outbreak at your destination puts you into a panic.

      Luckily, you have trip insurance with Cancel For Any Reason. Not only can you recoup some of your prepaid expenses, but also you and your partner don't have to put your health at risk.

    • A frequent traveler saves time while ensuring trip coverage

      Even the savviest travelers run into obstacles. In these cases, it's important to have trip insurance you can count on.

      So, say you're a traveler with family overseas, and you take frequent trips to visit them. You invest in a multi-trip insurance plan that provides you with coverage for trips lasting a month or longer. This way, even if you fall ill or become injured, your plan ensures you can cancel your plans or access the medical services you need.

    No matter what type of trip you take or how often you travel, it's important to protect yourself with trip insurance. To find out more about what you need for your next adventure, connect with our Customer Success Team for help.