What is Flight Cancellation Insurance?

What is Flight Cancellation Insurance?

Traveling, whether domestically or internationally, can be a memorable adventure. With so many sights to see and cultures to experience, the allure of travel is undeniable.

Unfortunately, sometimes our trip plans don’t go quite as we expect them to. Flight cancellation is one of the biggest frustrations a traveler can face. Luckily, if you need to cancel your trip and have trip insurance, you can get reimbursed for your nonrefundable flight tickets.

What Is Flight Cancellation Insurance? 

Flight cancellation insurance is a benefit of trip insurance that offers travelers financial protection if their flight is disrupted.  Flight cancellation insurance is coverage that decreases financial risks by insuring your prepaid and non-refundable costs in the event your flight is canceled. 

Whether you have to cancel your flight for a covered reason or you’re dealing with the financial fallout of an airline-cancelled flight, flight cancellation insurance may be able to help. If an airline cancels a flight, they’re responsible for refunding or crediting passengers. This includes assisting passengers who may have missed a connecting flight due to the airline-caused cancellation. However, if the airline does not cover costs, flight cancellation insurance may be able to help.

Why Do I Need Flight Cancellation Insurance?

There could be several reasons that can cause a flight cancellation, such as unfavorable and unsafe weather, mechanical problems, insufficient staff, technical issues, aircraft unavailability, etc. While travelers have no control on any of these, abandoning your travel plans can be frustrating. But the frustration is doubled when you think about all the activities you’ll miss out on and all the nonrefundable expenses you’ve already made towards those plans, such as hotel bookings, conference, missing connecting flight etc.  

While you don't control flight cancellation, if you have ways to mitigate your risk of losing your investment that you made towards any dependency activities and you get refunded for the losses, that's what trip insurance can offer you in such an event. 

Does Travel Insurance Cover Cancelled Flights?

Travel insurance can offer coverage for cancelled flights for certain eligible reasons. Here are the main benefits flight cancellation insurance as a benefit of travel insurance can offer:

  • Financial reimbursement if you have to cancel your flight for a covered reason
  • Financial assistance if an airline does not cover costs associated with carrier-caused cancellation

How Much Does Flight Cancellation Insurance Cost?

How much does flight cancellation insurance cost? Flight cancellation coverage is one of the many benefits of most trip insurance plans. The cost depends on the benefits and length of coverage. Basic trip insurance, for example, can be purchased for as low as $100. When planning and investing in a once-in-a-lifetime trip, paying an extra hundred dollars to minimize the chance of major financial loss is worth the peace of mind.

Browse Flight Cancellation Insurance Plans

While there aren’t currently trip insurance plans that will cover a flight-only cancellation, there are plans that will make it easier for you to get financial reimbursement for nonrefundable flight tickets when your entire trip is canceled. If you just have standard trip insurance, your trip must be canceled for a covered reason such as unexpected illness or job loss. However, if you have trip insurance with a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) option, you can cancel your trip and get reimbursed for your nonrefundable flight for literally any reason.

While no traveler wants to deal with canceled flights, it’s an unfortunate reality that we’re all likely to face at some point in our travels. While carrier-caused flight cancellation refunds and credits are the responsibility of the airline, trip insurance can protect you financially if you have to cancel your trip, and therefore, your flight.