Why Americans Traveling to Hawaii Need Trip Insurance

Why Americans Traveling to Hawaii Need Trip Insurance

If you’re looking for the perfect tropical getaway but don’t want to leave the United States, Hawaii is a perfect destination. With beautiful beaches, miles of reefs, and opportunities for world-class hiking, a trip to Hawaii is sure to be filled with excitement and adventure. However, as you’re securing your travel plans, be sure to purchase trip insurance. Trip insurance helps to ensure that your trip investment and non-refundable expenses are protected, a must for any trip to Hawaii.

What is Trip Insurance?

Trip insurance is coverage that you can purchase no matter if you’re traveling domestically or internationally. This type of insurance helps decrease any financial risks by insuring your prepaid and non-refundable costs in the event that you aren’t able to complete your trip as originally planned.

Trip insurance is different from travel medical insurance in that travel insurance generally refers to medical coverage. Since you won’t be leaving the country on your trip to Hawaii, your domestic insurance plan will usually provide enough coverage in case any accident or illness were to happen.

What Does Trip Insurance Cover?

At VisitorsCoverage, we offer a number of trip insurance plans that can help protect you for unforeseen circumstances. These plans can protect you from financial burdens related to:

  • Travel delays- Trip insurance may provide you reimbursement for additional transportation costs or additional expenses for meals and lodging should your flight be delayed by inclement weather or another covered reason
  • Trip cancellation- If you have to unexpectedly cancel your trip, trip insurance can cover some of your non-refundable trip expenses such as airfare and hotel accommodations, thereby reducing your risk of financial loss
  • Trip interruption- Should you need to cut your trip short for an unexpected, covered reason (for example, having to leave because of a natural disaster), trip insurance ensures reimbursement up to the covered amount for non-refundable, unused travel expenses that you’re forced to forfeit.
  • Baggage delay/damage- If your baggage is either delayed by your airlines or damaged, trip insurance coverage provides financial reimbursement up to the maximum benefit amount for the expenditure for necessary personal items

Because a trip to Hawaii is often a large financial investment that includes flights, hotel reservations, and more, purchasing trip insurance is a smart way to ensure that your investments will be protected in case anything were to happen.

What are the Best Trip Insurance Plans for Hawaii?

At VisitorsCoverage, you can easily compare trip insurance plans and buy them online quickly and without excessive paperwork. Here are some of our top plans for your trip to Hawaii:

Worldwide Trip Protector: In addition to offering the normal trip insurance benefits (such as trip cancellation/interruption, travel delay, and baggage), one of the perks of Worldwide Trip Protector is the concierge service they provide. This comes at no additional cost. The concierge service can be used to secure destination profiles, epicurean needs, event ticketing, floral services, tee time reservations, hotel accommodations, meet-and-greet services, shopping assistance services, pre-trip assistance, procurement of hard-to-find items, restaurant referrals and reservations, rental car reservations and airline reservations.

If, for example, you wanted recommendations for top-rated restaurants in Hawaii, or wanted to arrange to have flowers sent to your significant other while on the trip, this service provided by Worldwide Trip Protector would come in very handy.

Safe Travels Voyager: Rated A++ (superior), this plan is a popular option for trip insurance. In addition to traditional trip insurance coverage, Safe Travels Voyager offers the option to add-on Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage, meaning that you’ll be financially covered if you have to cancel your trip for any reason (even reasons not usually covered by standard insurance policies).

Another top feature of this plan is pet coverage. Safe Travels Voyager provides reimbursement for pet return, pet medical expense, kennel expense on trip delays, and for trip cancellation / interruption due to the death of a pet. This also includes pet assistance services before and during travel.

If you prefer to bring your pet along with you to Hawaii instead of leaving them at home, then Safe Travels Voyager provides coverage to safeguard the expenses of both humans and pet travelers!

As you pack your tank tops and swimsuits for Hawaii, consider purchasing trip insurance as well. Not only will it provide financial protection over the various costs of your trip, but the peace of mind you get puts you that much closer to enjoying the “Aloha spirit.”