What is Interruption For Any Reason Insurance?

What is Interruption For Any Reason Insurance?

What is Trip Interruption Insurance?

Interruption For Any Reason is an add-on benefit for trip insurance that offers financial protections for travelers who have to cut their trip short for literally any reason. If parents enjoying a romantic getaway were suddenly called home to tend to their sick child, IFAR would reimburse them up to 75% for prepaid nonrefundable travel expenses. Even if there were no emergency and these travelers just decided they missed their kids and wanted to return home, IFAR would still cover them.  The only restriction is that IFAR has to be used at least 48 hours after the departure date. IFAR is designed to give travelers options and to ease the stress of the unexpected. So, if your plans are uncertain or you just want to have the extra protection, IFAR coverage might be just the thing to add to your packing list.

Interruption For Any Reason vs Cancel For Any Reason

Travelers often wonder what the difference is between Cancel For Any Reason coverage and Interruption For Any Reason coverage. The terms can be confusing since they’re so closely related.

Both IFAR and CFAR allow you to cancel your trip plans and recoup up to 75% of prepaid nonrefundable travel expenses but CFAR is used to cancel your travel plans before your trip even starts and IFAR is used while your trip is in progress.

If you’re planning a trip but you think you might have to cancel before your trip starts, you’ll want CFAR coverage. If, however, you’re concerned you might be called home for some reason, you’ll want IFAR coverage.  There’s nothing to stop travelers from adding both CFAR and IFAR coverage to their trip insurance plans.

Check Out Trip Insurance That Covers IFAR

While Cancel For Any Reason coverage is far more common, there are a few trip insurance plans that offer an Interruption For Any Reason benefit.  Here are three of the most popular trip insurance plans for IFAR

Having to cancel your plans after you’ve already arrived at the first stop on your itinerary can be a frustrating ordeal. Trip interruption insurance was designed to ease all that stress and anxiety. You may have to cut your vacation short, but at least you’ll be financially protected. And remember, all the wonderful places on your itinerary will be waiting for you when you’re ready to rebook.