What Travel Insurance Is Best for International Trips?

What Travel Insurance Is Best for International Trips?

International travel has a specific set of challenges. Different countries have varying systems of government, culture, health risks and health care services. If you’re planning on post-pandemic travel, trying to navigate the differences that come with exploring foreign countries may seem daunting. Luckily, there are different types of travel insurance that can help ease the worries of international travel and protect you from some of the financial burdens should your trip not go according to plan.

Depending on the type of trip you want to take, certain travel insurance plans might fit your needs while others might not. If you are leaving your home country, your domestic health insurance will likely not cover you for any accidents, illnesses or injuries while you are abroad. This is where travel insurance can help you.   

Whatever travel insurance you pick, you'll want one that will cover where and how you travel. Here are some of the main categories of travel insurance to help you find the perfect plan for you and your loved ones.

Travel Insurance for Tourists

Millions of people desire to explore the world. Whether you dream of gazing up at the pyramids in Egypt, or hiking the mountains in Nepal, international travel insurance for visitors is important to cover you in the event of an accident, illness or emergency.

While you’re traveling abroad, it’s very important to have insurance in case you need medical care. This is especially true in countries like the United States and Japan, where medical costs are notoriously high. Some countries even make travel medical insurance mandatory for visitors. In order to get a Schengen Visa, for example, which citizens of many countries need to enter most of Europe, applicants must have a policy with no deductible and at least 30,000 euros in coverage.

Some other great benefits to look for on our travel insurance plan include:

  • Missed flight coverage
  • 24-hour assistance services
  • Passport-loss services
  • Coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions
  • Border entry protection

The best international travel policy for you will vary depending on where you are going and what medical needs you may have. Always be sure to read all policy documents carefully before you purchase a plan so that you can be sure that it meets your needs as a traveler.

Travel Insurance for Business Trips

Many people need to travel abroad for business. Sometimes this is to visit other locations of your business or international partners. Other times, the purpose of these trips is to investigate potential opportunities or simply to make an important business decision in person.

In all of these situations, it’s vitally important that you get to your destination safely and on time or you might lose money or opportunities. Business travel insurance can help you if your travels do not go according to plan.

Some important benefits that can be included in business travel insurance include:

  • Trip cancellation insurance can help you be reimbursed for certain non-refundable expenses in the event that your trip must be canceled by you or by circumstances outside of your control.
  • Multi-trip insurance applies to travelers who take multiple international trips a year. Even if the travel is unexpected, this type of plan can be activated quickly to cover you whenever you leave the country.
  • Kidnap & Ransom coverage, also known as K&R insurance, is especially important for travel to certain parts of the world where kidnapping and ransoming travelers is more common.
  • Baggage loss or delay coverage can cover you if an airline misplaces or damages your luggage, potentially damaging your business. If you lose an important presentation, demonstration or your formal clothing, this type of coverage can help you get the money you need and help to get your trip back on track.

Choosing a business travel insurance plan for your excursions is an easy way to protect yourself and your company.

Travel Insurance for the Americas (Including the U.S.)

If you're traveling to North America, healthcare costs can be very expensive. In Cuba, travel medical plans are required for visitors to enter the country. If you’re venturing down to Central or South America, you may want to look into the healthcare facilities around where you will be staying. Parts of South America can be far from well-stocked medical centers, especially if you plan to go backpacking or adventure far from metropolitan areas. In this case, you may want to invest in emergency medical evacuation coverage so that you may be airlifted to a major medical facility should you need help.

If you’re traveling to the United States and not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, travel medical insurance is highly encouraged. Healthcare costs are extremely high in the U.S. which can lead to enormous costs for you and your loved ones if you need medical attention. Visitors medical insurance plans can help with these costs. Some plans even cover screening and treatment for COVID-19 under certain circumstances.

CoverAmerica-Gold is one of our best and most popular plans for visitors to the USA. It’s also the first and only travel insurance plan to cover public health emergency screenings for illnesses including COVID-19.

Travel Insurance for Europe

If you’re planning a European getaway, travel insurance may be mandatory depending on your country of citizenship. If you are required to obtain a visa to enter Europe, the Schengen visa is one visa that will get you into 26 borderless countries in Western and Central Europe. To successfully obtain a Schengen visa, you’ll need to have travel medical insurance with at least 30,000 euros worth of coverage with no deductible and coverage for emergency medical evacuation among other requirements.

If you’re looking for a travel insurance plan that meets all of these requirements, we recommend Europe Travel Plus. This plan was designed specifically for travelers applying for a Schengen visa and is also just a great plan for anyone traveling to Europe. It also includes some other great benefits for European travel including border entry protection and a 24-hour emergency assistance phone line.

Travel Insurance for Asia, Africa & the Pacific

If you’re traveling to a country in Asia, Africa or Oceania, travel insurance can be helpful to you. This is especially true if you are visiting somewhere politically volatile, such as the border between Israel and Syria, or venturing far from major cities like the Australian outback.

Wherever you roam, travel insurance is always a good idea, especially in the wake of a global pandemic. Some countries around the world are beginning to require travel health insurance for visitors, while others have healthcare costs so high, it could create a huge financial burden for travelers if they were to have a medical emergency while traveling without insurance.

If you have further questions about travel insurance and picking the right plan for you, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team.