Mountaineering & Hiking Travel Insurance

Mountaineering & Hiking Travel Insurance

If you’re planning a trip abroad and one of your scheduled activities is hiking or mountaineering, you may want to consider travel insurance.

Accidents can happen anywhere, but hiking and mountaineering can often be dangerous activities that can put an individual at risk for an unexpected injury or fall.

With mountaineering and hiking insurance, you can have peace of mind as a traveler that if something goes amiss during your adventures abroad, you’ll be covered.

What Is Hiking Travel Insurance?

Hiking travel insurance can offer a safeguard for individuals who are traveling outside of their home country and are taking part in hiking during their trip.

While most individuals will take precautions to ensure that they are safe during their hike, hiking in an unfamiliar place can pose some risks to one’s safety. 

If you happen to unexpectedly suffer an injury during a hike during your international trip, you may be left with the financial burden of paying for your medical care out-of-pocket without insurance.

However, hiking travel insurance as a benefit of travel medical insurance can give you the protection you need in the form of medical coverage for eligible expenses related to an injury due to hiking abroad.

What Is Mountaineering Insurance?

While exhilarating, mountain climbing can be dangerous depending on your skill level, experience, age, and destination.

If you’re planning on mountaineering during an international trip, mountaineering insurance as a benefit of travel insurance can provide a vital safeguard.

Travel insurance with mountaineering coverage can provide benefits for medical care received during one’s travels as a result of an unexpected injury incurred during mountaineering activities.

Is Hiking and Mountaineering Insurance Necessary?

Mountaineers and hikers of all skill levels are at risk to the dangers of climbing, especially those traveling overseas to famous mountaineering destinations. 

Without insurance, a traveler may be faced with hefty medical expenses if they are injured during their hike or mountain climb. However, with travel insurance, hikers and mountaineers can have peace of mind knowing that if any injury occurs, they have coverage.

What Does Mountaineering & Hiking Insurance Cover?

Mountaineering and hiking travel insurance can cover eligible medical expenses related to an injury incurred during hiking or mountaineering after the effective date of one’s policy.

This can include coverage for:

Coverage for hiking and mountaineering will vary depending on your plan. Be sure to read your policy’s description of coverage for more detailed coverage information.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Mountaineering & Hiking?

Many travel insurance policies exclude mountaineering and other adventurous activities from the plan benefits. However, there are select policies available that offer hiking or mountaineering coverage.

Mountain climbing insurance and hiking insurance policies usually specify the maximum elevation the plan will cover. For example, if you're injured while hiking at 15,000 feet, and your policy only covers hiking injuries up to 14,000 feet, your claim may be denied. Be sure to consider the elevation of your mountaineering trek when purchasing travel insurance for hiking.

Top Mountaineering and Hiking Destinations

Looking for inspiration? Here are some of our top mountaineering and hiking destinations to add to your bucket list.

  • Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • The Andes, Peru
  • Yosemite, California, U.S.
  • Mont Blanc, France
  • Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand

Who Needs Mountaineering & Hiking Insurance?

People who will be partaking in any of the following activities should purchase a policy with mountain climbing coverage:

  • Mountaineering
  • Mountain climbing
  • Hiking
  • Trekking

Having mountaineering and hiking insurance during your travels will ensure that you are able to get the medical care you need in an unfortunate situation.

Best Hiking Travel Insurance

These recommended travel insurance plans offer coverage for hiking and mountaineering when traveling outside of your home country. 

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