Mountain Biking Insurance

Mountain Biking Insurance

Mountain biking insurance is a specific type of insurance that covers mountain biking. The sport involves an especially-designed bike for cross-country or high-speed downhill riding on single track trails, logging roads, and other unpaved environments. The typical terrain traveled by mountain bikes includes loose and/or large rocks, washouts, deep ruts, loose sand, gravel, tree roots and steep grades. Mountain biking insurance covers mountain bikers, offering thrill-seekers an adrenaline-pumping way to experience nature and get off the beaten path.

If you're wondering how to insure your bike and yourself, mountain bike travel insurance can offer you protections as you explore the world from your mountain bike. To see how your options for mountain bike insurance compare, you can rely on sites like VisitorsCoverage to give you the best mountain bike insurance options. 

The sport of mountain biking has grown steadily in popularity worldwide. Now, hobby riders and avid bikers alike are venturing out all over the world to ride new trails while traveling abroad. With the rise in popularity, however, the incidence of injury has also risen, with mountain biking journals reporting that up to half of all recreational mountain bikers have had at least one major severe injury. 

While 75% of reported injuries were minor and only required outpatient treatment, up to 10% of injuries resulted in hospitalization. The primary risk factors include slippery road surfaces, excessive speed, loss of control and riding beyond ability. 

Of all mountain biking injuries, the most serious are spinal cord injuries, with one in six reported cases resulting in paralysis. The majority of mountain bikers are injured as a result of being tossed over the handlebars or falling from a significant height resulting in fractures, head injuries and/or spinal and neck injuries. Travelers who participate in mountain biking should be prepared with a travel medical insurance plan that includes hazardous sports coverage and emergency medical evacuation.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Mountain Biking?

Mountain biking isn't typically covered by most regular travel insurance plans due to its high-risk nature. Often, an optional add-on for adventure sports, also known as a hazardous sports rider, will be required to be covered as a policyholder for mountain biking. Be sure to read the policy details closely so you know what is covered, and what isn't, before strapping on your helmet and peddling down a mountainside.

What Should My Policy Cover?

Mountain biking poses unique risks: high speeds, unpredictable terrain and remote locations. Because of this, the three most important benefits your travel insurance should include are:

  • Adventure sports coverage: While most travel medical insurance policies do not provide coverage for mountain biking in the base plan, some plans offer an optional hazardous sports rider that will cover activities that are deemed higher risk. A hazardous sports rider adds an extra cost to your premium, varying in price depending on how risky the activity is, but will help to ensure that all your planned adventures are covered. Be sure to double-check the rider details to make sure mountain biking is covered before you make your purchase.
  • Medical insurance with a $250,000 policy maximum or higher: Because mountain biking is a fast-paced and high-speed sport, injuries suffered by mountain bikers have a higher chance of being more severe. Having a policy maximum of $250,000 or higher can help to cover the cost of a hospital stay, surgery, rehabilitation and more, protecting you from having to pay expensive medical bills out of pocket.
  • Emergency medical evacuation coverage: Mountain biking locations tend to be remote and difficult to reach by road for typical emergency vehicles if there is an accident and someone needs immediate care. Emergency medical evacuation coverage not only helps to ensure you can be reached if you are injured on a remote mountainside. It can also help to ensure that you can be transported back to your home country for care if needed.

Mountain Biking Tips

Top mountain biking destinations:

Remember to pack these important items:

  • Multi-tool: Great for making adjustments to your bike on the go, a multi-tool is necessary to ensure your day doesn't get cut short because of a loose bolt or broken chain. Spare tubes, a tire patch kit and a compact air pump are also smart to bring along just in case.
  • Sunscreen: Mountain biking typically requires you to be outside under the sun for long periods of time, so sunscreen and SPF lip balm are a must, even if it's cloudy or you're biking in a wooded area.
  • Compact video recorder: You'll want to remember the rugged terrain and beautiful vistas, while also documenting the intensity of the ride itself! The footage you take along the way will be great for posting online and sharing with friends and family. Try to find a small recorder that is built to withstand outdoor conditions and can be affixed to your helmet or bike.

If you have any questions about mountain bike insurance, connect with our Customer Success Team for help choosing the best plan for your next trip.