Kayaking & Whitewater Rafting Insurance

Kayaking & Whitewater Rafting Insurance

Kayaking and whitewater rafting are wonderful ways to get out into nature and see the world from a new perspective, right on top of the water! Whether you're ready for a relaxing paddle over a still lake or a heart-pounding rush over river rapids, kayaking and rafting insurance can help keep you safe and secure.

Between 2007 and 2016, there were 530 deaths reported as a result of whitewater activities including rafting and kayaking and many more injuries. Therefore, for your safety and peace of mind, it's important that you insure yourself before you set out on the water.While you're on your adventure, be sure to keep in mind a few things:

  • Unless you're very experienced on the water, be sure to take your adventure with licensed professionals. Your risk of injury is much lower when you're on the water with tour companies and individuals who know the area, body of water and how to stay safe while having the best time. Kayaking insurance can ensure that you get the medical care you need should you need it.
  • Pay attention to local warnings and don't go into bodies of water that have been declared dangerous by local authorities.
  • Never go out on the water alone. If you're injured or become overtired, it's a good idea to have someone with you so that they can contact emergency services if necessary.

Also, remember to pack these important items:

  • Sunscreen: No matter what the weather, when spending a long amount of time outside you will be exposed to harmful UV rays. This can easily be avoided by covering exposed skin in waterproof sunscreen. Consider buying reef-safe sunscreen, especially if you're not wearing a wetsuit or plan on swimming.
  • Glasses straps: if you're wearing glasses or sunglasses, be sure to secure them to your face or neck with a strap so that you won't send your glasses into the rapids or to the bottom of the lake, river or ocean.
  • Drivers License or ID: Many companies require a valid ID to rent out items such as wetsuits and boats. So be sure that you have your ID handy before you embark on your adventure.
  • Plastic bags: After your trip, you will likely be quite wet. Be sure to bring plastic bags or garbage bags to put your wet things in and a change of clothes, shoes and socks so that you're not traveling back to your hotel while soaking wet.

Best Plans for Kayaking and Whitewater Rafting

Check out our available kayaking and whitewater rafting insurance below, and connect with us at VisitorsCoverage for help choosing the best plan for your next trip.