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What Is Hazardous Sports or Adventure Sports Coverage & Who Needs It?

What Is Hazardous Sports or Adventure Sports Coverage & Who Needs It?

When traveling to a new destination, participating in excursions and activities can make a trip unforgettable. When you’re planning to ski in the Swiss Alps or jet ski in The Bahamas, it’s important to consider travel insurance for essential coverage during your journey, especially if you will be taking part in hazardous or adventure sports.

What Are Adventure Sports or Hazardous Sports?

Adventure sports, or hazardous sports, are activities that are considered risky by the travel insurance industry because these sports can be hazardous to the physical health of the participant, even if all the necessary precautions are taken. 

Adventure sports or hazardous sports can include:

Though adventure sports are adrenaline-pumping and thrilling, they are also more risky. Due to the added risk of some of these activities, it is in the best interest of the traveler to invest in a travel insurance plan that offers medical coverage for injuries that occur due to participating in these activities. 

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Does Travel Insurance Cover Adventure Sports?

Basic travel insurance will not usually cover medical expenses incurred while participating in these potentially-dangerous sports, since the risk of injury is so much higher. Typically, getting injured while taking part in an adventure sport is an exclusion on a travel insurance policy.

However, there are travel insurance plans that have the option to add adventure sports coverage to your plan for an added fee. If you know that you are going to be participating in a sport during your travels, you may want to consider travel insurance for adventure activities.

What Does Adventure Sports Travel Insurance Cover?

Adventure sports travel insurance can offer medical coverage in the event that you are injured while engaging in specific types of sports.

Coverage can include:

Not all adventure sports coverage add-ons for travel insurance will cover all types of hazardous sports. Be sure to read a policy’s description of coverage to choose a plan that offers add-on coverage for the specific sport(s) that you are participating in.

Do I Need Adventure Travel Insurance?

If you know that you will be engaging in a specific activity that is considered potentially dangerous or hazardous, it is highly recommended to consider travel insurance with the additional adventure sports rider.

While no traveler wants to think about getting injured while on vacation, partaking in a sport during a trip can definitely increase the chance of an emergency that could require medical care.

Receiving medical care without insurance can be extremely expensive, especially when visiting places like the United States. Protect your finances and your well-being with a travel insurance plan.

Where to Buy Adventure Sports Travel Insurance

The adventure sports rider is offered on select travel medical insurance plans which can be purchased through VisitorsCoverage.

It is highly recommended to read through each policy’s coverage to ensure that it offers the adventure sports rider, and that the rider includes coverage for your specific sport activity.

With adventure sports coverage, you can participate in these activities with peace of mind knowing that you’re covered for medical attention. Have questions? Reach out to our Customer Success Team for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a hazardous sport?

A hazardous sport is any activity that an insurance company deems as a high-risk activity which could ultimately increase the insured’s chances of getting injured.


Is scuba diving an adventure sport?

Yes, scuba diving is often considered an adventure sport for most travel insurance companies.


Is water skiing an adventure sport?

Yes, water skiing is often considered an adventure sport for most travel insurance companies.


What are adventure sports?

Adventure sports are just another term for hazardous sports and include any activities which are deemed by an insurance company to be high-risk for injury.