Skiing and Snowboarding

Gliding down the slopes on skis or a snowboard with the wind rushing by, the fresh smell of pine and nature, along the glorious scenery is a must for many who enjoy being outdoors in the winter. Skiing and snowboarding are extremely popular sports, with approximately 10 million people hitting the slopes every year. According to the National Ski Areas Association, the number of fatalities each year hovers between 41-54 and injuries, including paralysis, head injuries, and spinal injuries These injuries occur at a rate of about 51 per year in the U.S. While helmets do save many, 30 of those 51 who are seriously injured were reported as wearing a helmet at the time. When an injury occurs on the slopes, the patient is likely to be transported by sled down the mountain by emergency responders who work the slopes, then by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

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