Jet Skiing

During the summer months, nearly everyone hits the water. With so many types of watercraft to choose from, travelers really do have a range of options to satisfy their hunger for a good adrenaline rush. Jet skiing is a popular watercraft at resorts and tourist spots because they are relatively easy to learn to operate – like a scooter, but on water. Jet skis are the only watercraft in which the leading cause of death is not drowning. Instead, the risk is mainly blunt force trauma. Injuries typically occur when the driver collides with other watercraft, shallow objects in the water (tree stumps, for example), and docks. Jet ski collisions are more likely to result in injury and death than any other water vehicle. While jet skiing seems very easy to learn, operational errors like losing control of steering, not wearing a life jacket or helmet, and not knowing the right of way rules on the water can make jet skiing a very dangerous activity.

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