Parasailing is a sport that has flourished in popularity over the past half decade, particularly on ocean resorts where the wind is amenable and there is ample room for speed boats. Essentially, the parasailing participant is strapped into a harness that is attached to a paraglide wing and pulled by a speed boat, allowing the participant to catch the wind and float effortlessly into the sky. The person who is parasailing is then pulled along the coast and out over the ocean while flying with the parasail. While parasailing looks relatively easy and harmless, the number of accidents, injuries and deaths have risen dramatically in the past decade partly due to the fact that the sport is significantly under regulated. Injuries are mostly due to violent, unexpected winds, and equipment failure with the parasailing traveler being dragged into trees, crashing into buildings, and even drowned. It is evident that while parasailing may look harmless, it really is a hazardous sport and should be treated as such by travelers.

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