Skydiving is an activity found on many people’s Adventurous ‘bucket list’. Skydiving involves wearing specific gear, strapping on a parachute, having the confidence to jump out of an airplane, and the skill required to deploy the parachute at the best time. After the parachute is fully deployed, it’s an easy coast to the ground giving the participant plenty of time to enjoy the view from above. The risks of skydiving may seem obvious, but include: parachute malfunction, being the most common, risk of loss of consciousness mid-air, a poor landing, or crashing into buildings or trees. The U.S. Parachuting Association estimates that people make about 3 million jumps every year and about 25 people die every year while skydiving. As a traveler, if you are injured during a tandem skydive on vacation, you may need specialized medical treatment and even long-term care during your recovery.

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