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ChoiceAmerica: A Unique Travel Insurance Product

ChoiceAmerica: A Unique Travel Insurance Product

VisitorsCoverage continuously strives to provide consumers with products that are in line with travelers current needs, and have successfully done so by introducing a unique travel medical insurance plan called ChoiceAmerica Insurance. ChoiceAmerica is a policy designed to provide optimal coverage for international travelers to the U.S., especially elderly travelers like parents traveling from the Indian sub-continent to the U.S. This policy is a unique, standalone plan, characterized by its various distinguishing benefits that no other insurance plans in the industry are able to deliver.

The unique benefits offered by ChoiceAmerica are as follows:

Single Plan that Provides Coverage for U.S., Mexico & Canada

ChoiceAmerica is the only plan in the industry that provides non-U.S. citizens and non-U.S. permanent residents traveling outside of their home country with coverage throughout the entire North American Continent. With the ChoiceAmerica Insurance plan, travelers can visit the U.S., Mexico, and Canada without having to worry about purchasing additional policies in order to receive adequate coverage. ChoiceAmerica also covers international travel time as long as the dates of travel are included in the policy.

Coverage for Border Entry Denials

When traveling to the U.S., there is always the possibility of getting held up at border security and such an incident can not only be extremely frustrating, but can also cause you financial burden. For individuals traveling for tourism, leisure, or family related purposes, protection under ChoiceAmerica insurance can provide you with coverage for economy class airline tickets to the country of origin should your entry into the U.S. be denied, and help you save on a financial burden of tickets.

Limited Pre-existing Condition Coverage

While pre-existing conditions are not generally covered by most travel medical insurance plans, and many policies offer Acute Onset of Pre-existing Conditions coverage, ChoiceAmerica offers an optional pre-existing condition rider that provides limited and basic coverage for eligible pre-existing conditions that existed prior to the effective date of the policy and can be added at the time of enrollment for an additional premium.

Adventure Sports & Amusement Park Injury Coverage

Traveling abroad can be a wonderful and exciting experience and ensuring that you get the most out of your trip is likely at the top of your priority list. Should you decide to partake in any adventure sports activities or visit any amusement parks during your travels, with an additional rider added onto your ChoiceAmerica Insurance policy, you can ensure that you are adequately protected in the event of any accidents or injuries from such an activity.

Coverage for Loss of Passports and Essential Travel Documents

When it comes to traveling overseas, losing an important item can be an extremely stressful issue to navigate. Should you run into any issues pertaining to the loss of a passport or any other essential travel documents during your trip, your ChoiceAmerica Insurance policy will reimburse any qualifying expenses due to the incident as long as proper proof can be provided.

While ChoiceAmerica Insurance is a limited coverage or budget plan with fixed benefit coverage, it is top in its class of insurance in providing travelers with essential benefits for all of their travel and health related needs. With a mission to meet the individual needs of the vast array of international travelers, VisitorsCoverage has succeeded in creating an inclusive solution with this one-of-a-kind policy option. The ChoiceAmerica plan allows travelers to spend more time enjoying their experience abroad and less time stressing about medical coverage, sending them on their way to their final destination without a worry in the world.

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