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This Fourth of July, Make Sure You Have Travel Insurance

This Fourth of July, Make Sure You Have Travel Insurance

Few holidays in America bring to mind summer more than the Fourth of July. Whether you’re choosing to spend the holiday on the beach within the U.S., or use it as an excuse to travel somewhere abroad, the Fourth of July is a holiday that Americans love to celebrate. This year travel has started to increase both domestically and internationally, and many favorite vacation spots are now open to the public. As you make your plans, make sure you’re covered with travel insurance.

International Visitors to the U.S.

If you’re traveling to the U.S. from your home country, welcome! This is a fun time to visit America. With lots of celebrations, bbqs, concerts and, of course, fireworks, you will have a lot to choose from. 

Depending on where you are visiting, it will determine what landmarks to visit. Washington, D.C. is rich with a history of government, and the symbolism of freedom, from the White House to Lincoln’s Memorial and more, the celebrations will be spectacular!

You can travel up to Williamsburg or Jamestown to visit replicas of colonial buildings and lifestyles. And of course, Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell. Take a tour to learn more about how that came to be. 

As you travel throughout the country, there are several national parks to visit, some are ripe with history and others are still as untouched as possible. Just taking a road trip across the country is an educational and memorable adventure.  

Good news as well for international travelers! For those traveling who suffer from prior injuries or medically treated conditions, we have introduced USVisit-Pro. This is a new medical insurance plan that offers coverage for pre-existing conditions. If you suffer from health conditions that worsen while traveling, should you need medical care while traveling, there are options available. 

Trip Insurance: A Necessity for Any Travel

No matter if you’re traveling domestically or internationally, travel always involves some type of risk. You’re not usually in control of things like baggage loss, flight delays, or even flight cancellations. When those things happen, not only can they be incredibly frustrating, but they can also become a financial burden. To help decrease the financial risk, consider purchasing trip insurance. 

Trip insurance is a wise investment because it insures prepaid and non-refundable costs, meaning that if you’re not able to complete your trip as planned, you’re still covered. Specifically, a trip insurance policy can protect you and your family from the financial burden of travel delays, flight cancellation, trip interruption, and more. The only thing worse than spending the Fourth of July in an airport because of a flight delay or cancellation is knowing that if you had trip insurance, you could have recouped some non-refundable, prepaid expenses.. Trip insurance is a great way to protect the investment of travel on any trip. 

Rental Car Insurance: A Must-Have for Road Trips

The Fourth of July is the perfect excuse to hit the road and drive to a new destination with your friends and family. If you’re renting a car, consider purchasing rental car collision insurance. Rental car insurance will protect you from any potential expenses that are related to the physical damage or the repair of the car you’re renting. 

If you’re taking a road trip, this insurance is an especially great option. Not only does it cover potential expenses in the case of a collision, but it also provides coverage for theft, damage of the car, as well as any costs related to the damage or injury sustained by other people if the policyholder were to cause an accident. 

Adventure Sports Coverage: Protection for Adventurous Trips

If you’re traveling to a new country and want to know how to stay safe for the 4th of July as you engage in high-adrenaline, adventurous sports, your traditional travel insurance policy might not cover for any injuries or accidents that arise due to that activity. Common 4th of July activities, such as hiking, jet skiing, kayaking, or water skiing are usually listed as exclusions in your plan details since they’re more dangerous in nature. 

If you’re looking for coverage so you can engage in these activities for the holiday, you’ll want to purchase adventure sports coverage. This add-on for insurance protects you financially in case you or your covered family members become injured while engaging in these riskier activities. With adventure sports coverage, you can participate in any of the above activities (and more!) knowing that you’re covered for medical attention in case something goes awry. 

As you finalize your travel plans this year, make sure you think beyond what type of swimsuit you want to pack for the beach. Instead, protect your trip by purchasing travel insurance. At the end of an activity-filled Independence Day, as you gather with friends to watch the fireworks, vacation, you’ll be glad you did. 

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