Unpaid Medical Bills Can Be A Disaster

Rising medical costs around the world are leaving many people  with medical bills they cannot pay, and unpaid medical bills spell disaster. Not only are unpaid medical bills a serious financial liability, they also cause significant levels of stress and can even lead to bankruptcy.

These are important facts not merely for U.S. residents and citizens, but also for U.S. visa Sponsors who are planning to sponsor someone from outside the U.S. on a visa. Sponsors can also be held legally liable for all kinds of things that occur with the visitor they sponsored – including their unpaid medical bills resulting from an accident or sudden illness that need medical treatment.

Overwhelming Medical Bills are Not Just an American Problem

If you think Americans are the only ones facing these problems, you would be mistaken – millions of people  around the globe accumulate medical bills they cannot pay every year.

Even worse, many people are forced to skip medication doses, take less than the prescribed amount, and delay prescription refill to save money – all of which leads to increasingly expensive trips to the emergency room and higher hospitalization rates.

ObamaCare Cannot Help Visiting Tourists

There are many myths about ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act as it is more properly known, but one of the most common myths is that health care is covered for everyone – even for those who visit the U.S. This is false. The Affordable Care Act does not mean that health care is available for visitors to the U.S. – In fact, it is just the opposite.

Only US Citizens and qualifying permanent residents are eligible for ObamaCare.  Visitors to the U.S. are liable to pay for any medical costs that arises due to any unforeseen events like accidents, sudden illnesses etc.  This is why having a travel medical insurance plan that will provide medical coverage during your trip to the USA, is essential before you leave your home country.
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Don’t Bankrupt Your Sponsor – Buy Travel Health Insurance

Travelers who visit the U.S. must have travel health insurance or face bankrupting themselves, their sponsors in the U.S., or their families because in the end someone must pay that medical bill. If you are visiting a country like America where, health insurance is mandatory for residents, having a competitive travel medical insurance should not be a choice but a necessity. The cost of insurance for a short trip is not that much compared to the peace of mind and sense of protection you will have during your trip.
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Travel medical insurance should be an essential part of your itinerary. The best way to stay safe on your overseas trip is to invest in a good travel medical insurance with all necessary coverage that you think, you might need during your trip. Visit our travel insurance for visitors section, to evaluate the right travel medical insurance that would give you “peace of mind” and protect you, both financially and emotionally, during your trip abroad.

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