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Whitewater River Rafting

Whitewater River Rafting

Floating downstream through rock-strewn rapids, past breath-taking scenery, whitewater rafting is a popular outdoor thrill ride.  There are many amazing spots to take part in this amazing sport, but here’s a round up of some of the best: 

  • Colorado River (USA): One of the most amazing places in the world to whitewater raft, this river passes through many scenic areas, including the iconic Grand Canyon.
  • Magpie River (Canada): Whitewater rafting on the Magpie can be challenging, rewarding and breathtaking. As you navigate rough waters you’ll pass by remote pine forests and other natural wonders of Quebec. 
  • Pacuare River (Costa Rica): This river offers the quintessential whitewater rafting experience. You’ll be challenged with fast-paced rapids but rewarded with breathtaking views of rainforests, sightings of colorful birds and exotic animals. 
  • Middle Fork, Salmon River (USA): Located in Idaho, Salmon River offers an exciting whitewater rafting experience and amazing views of snow-capped mountains and granite canyons. 

Like most outdoor adventure sports, whitewater rafting comes with its share of risks. According to statistics provided by American Whitewater, an average of 6-10 deaths occur every year on commercial whitewater rafting trips. Most of these are due to drowning. 

Whitewater rafts carry a dozen or more passengers. So, if the raft tips over, there are a lot of people in the rushing water trying to cling to rocks or scramble ashore. Another factor to take into consideration is that if a traveler is injured on a whitewater rafting trip, they may be very far from any medical facilities and need an emergency evacuation to receive medical treatment. For this and other high-risk sports, you should consider adventure sports coverage.