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Talk to a Licensed Insurance Specialist: 7:00AM - 6:00PM PT (Mon-Fri)

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The Truth Behind Trip Insurance Reviews & Ratings

The Truth Behind Trip Insurance Reviews & Ratings

When youre thinking about buying trip insurance for your next trip, its important to research your options to ensure that you get the best coverage. There are many ways to do this. You can contact a travel insurance company directly, you can use the quote and comparison tools on travel insurance marketplaces like VisitorsCoverage, or you can check out what former or current policyholders have to say. If you go this route, customer reviews and plan ratings are a good way to gain insight into how well a policy might suit your needs. Before you start googling customer testimonials, lets take a look at what you need to know about trip insurance reviews and ratings. 

Why Trip Insurance Customer Ratings & Reviews are Important

Travel comes with a lot of decisions: what to pack, where to stay, which airline to use, whether or not you need trip insurance. In the midst of all these unknowns, ratings and reviews offer guidance. You can learn from other peoples experience with the product or service youre considering. Trip insurance ratings and reviews are no different. Learning from former or current policyholders gives you a good indication of what you can expect from an insurance company, a trip insurance comparison, or a plan itself can offer. 

Why Trip Insurance AM Best Ratings are Important

AM Best is an independent agency that evaluates the quality of trip and travel medical insurance plans and assigns a letter grade like A, A+, B, B+, C, etc. that reflects the financial status of the company. Any plan that is graded above B is deemed to be in good financial standing. AM Best’s ratings are regarded as the industry standard for determining the financial strength of an insurance company. Any plan that is graded above B is deemed to be in good financial standing.  At VisitorsCoverage, youll find plans with a grade of A or above. 

When To Be Wary of Trip Insurance Ratings & Reviews 

When youre scrolling through customer reviews on trip insurance, there are a few things to keep in mind. Namely, trip insurance isnt one size fits all. This means that what worked well for one person may not work for the next. The reverse is also true, what didnt work for one person may actually work for another. 

Some companies may pay people for reviews. If a companys reviews are all over-the-top with praise, that might be an indication that you shouldnt necessarily trust them. Trustpilot and Google discourage any sort of paid or promotional reviews and you can be comfortable with their authenticity most of the time. Though theres no real way to tell if a reviewer was paid for the review or not, trust your instincts; if it sounds like false praise, it might be just that. 

Tips for Getting the Most From Your Trip Insurance Review Search

Make a list of your specific trip insurance needs. Before you even hop online, take an inventory of your specific trip needs. Consider factors like age of the travelers in your party, activities youll be engaging in, where youre going, and how long youll be there. Once youve got this information written down, youll have a clear understanding of your trip insurance must-haves. That way, when you do start searching and scrolling youll be able to keep a sharper focus on those reviews and ratings that pertain to the things you care most about.   

Pay attention to critical reviews. Youll learn a lot more from a critical review than you would from a rave. For example, if youre worried about having to cancel your trip, and you find a reviewer upset that their trip insurance didnt cover the cancellation, you can think for a moment about what you need to do to ensure the same thing doesnt happen to you. You might review the policy documents of the plan youre thinking about and realize that you cant cancel your trip for a non-covered reason without adding Cancel For Any Reason to your trip insurance plan. 

Meet in the middle. There are exceedingly glowing reviews and there are scathing reviews, and then there are those reviews in between. Thats where you want to focus. To some extent both scathing and exceedingly glowing reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. Consider these outliers as you search for the truth behind trip insurance reviews. Focus, instead, on those reviews that lay out the pros and cons of the plan in question.    

Find several plans that might suit your needs.  Reviews and ratings can help you narrow down your choices to the top two or three. Once you have a list of top contenders, click over to a trip insurance marketplace like VisitorsCoverage, where you can use compare and quote tools to assess the benefits side by side. 

VisitorsCoverage Ratings & Reviews 

With all this talk about ratings and reviews, you might be wondering about VisitorsCoverages reputation.  Were proud to report that between TrustPilot and Google reviews, we average a star rating of 4.8. When you scan through our customer ratings and reviews, one thing youll notice is the Customer Success Teams efforts to help improve a customers experience. Maybe, they leave a less favorable review focusing on how they havent heard back from the insurance company about a claim they filed. One of our agents will then reach out to the insurance company and get in touch with the customer who left the review. We use our reviews and ratings as indicators of what were doing well and guidelines for how we can improve.  

You can learn a lot from customer ratings and reviews, but when it comes time to actually buy a policy, you may still have questions or concerns. Our Customer Success Team of licensed travel insurance experts is on hand to help. Give us a call today!

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