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Do Short-Term Visitors to the US Need Vision and Dental Insurance?

Do Short-Term Visitors to the US Need Vision and Dental Insurance?

Travel Insurance plans for the U.S. are short-term health insurance plans that usually have little or no coverage for dental or vision care. The question is: do visitors really need more expensive vision or dental insurance plans like U.S. residents?

It is important to know what is actually covered in vision and dental insurance, and also discuss what kind of eye and dental care coverage you already receive in travel medical insurance for the U.S.

What Does Vision Insurance Cover?

Vision insurance plans are essentially used for vision correction purposes like corrective lenses, glasses or problems like cataract and glaucoma.

Vision insurance would be preventative and routine in nature, and cover your standard eye appointments and subsequent services.

What Is Vision Coverage Under Travel Insurance?

Vision insurance when covered under travel insurance doesn’t mean coverage for eye-related problems. Any medical problem in the eye which isn’t related to your vision (eyesight, glasses, lenses, etc.), such as an eye injury, is typically treated as a medical problem and can be covered under certain travel insurance plans.

People who are visiting the U.S. for a short time should get an extra pair of glasses and get their eyes thoroughly checked in their home countries prior to traveling. You can get the same glasses and procedures done in your home country at a much cheaper cost, and without having to pay out-of-pocket if you have vision insurance.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

If you look closely at dental plans, these are essentially preventative in nature. These plans usually involve cleaning, deep cleaning, root canal, X-rays etc. The co-pay and co-insurance amounts for these services are also very high.

What Is Dental Coverage Under Travel Insurance?

Most comprehensive travel Insurance plans also have some coverage for sudden dental emergencies like accidental teeth injuries. These plans may also cover any sudden dental emergencies due to unexpected pain. So, if you are looking for emergency dental care, travel medical plans do provide some coverage for that.

Only dental emergencies may be covered by visitors insurance, up to a predefined limit. It is advisable to get preventative care like a teeth cleaning done in your home country at a more affordable price.

Is Vision or Dental Insurance Necessary When Visiting the US?

Assess your situation to see if you will need additional coverage for vision or dental. Typically, a visitor will not need vision or dental insurance if these matters are taken care of in their home country prior to departure.

For more emergency medical services, travel medical insurance may cover you – so be sure to check with your insurance representative regarding any questions you may have regarding dental or vision coverage.

Review your insurance policy, and be sure that you understand the benefits and exclusions before you opt for it. In case you need more information or want help selecting the right travel insurance plan, be sure to reach out to our Customer Success Team.