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Do Travel Insurance Plans Offer Mental Health Coverage?

Do Travel Insurance Plans Offer Mental Health Coverage?

There’s no sugar-coating it: The Pandemic hasn’t been kind to our collective mental health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the first year of the pandemic alone, global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased a whopping 25%. As the pandemic raged on, many of us sought help from psychiatric professionals. In 2021, the American Psychological Association reported that therapists were receiving almost double the referrals they received in 2020

And some of us began to feel something akin to depression but not quite at that level. We just felt blah. Eventually, we had a more scientific name for it: languishing, that feeling of joylessness coupled with a lack of direction. While it’s true that many of us suffered from mental stress before the pandemic, it’s clear now that the Covid pandemic created a global mental health crisis. 

One of the worst things about it is that we all felt trapped in our homes. We couldn’t go anywhere. But, just when our pent-up wanderlust reached a fever-pitch, we were finally allowed to travel again. While travel is certainly good for mental health issues, it can’t completely cure them. So, many travelers are now asking: does travel insurance include mental health insurance?   

Can International Students Get Health Insurance with Mental Health Coverage?

Whether you’re an American student heading overseas to study or a student visiting the U.S. for school, studying abroad can be one of the most enriching experiences you’ll ever have. Imagine studying the history of Acropolis in Athens or reading Jane Austen in the middle of the English moors. Each day, you’d get an amazing education both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Still, being a student in a foreign country is not without its challenges. From learning the language and public transit, to managing finances and healthcare, the stress can add up. Your educational institution should offer you some measure of international student healthcare. However, it won’t be as comprehensive as student travel medical insurance offered through an insurance marketplace. 

Student health insurance plans from a global travel insurance marketplace like VisitorsCoverage, may also offer some insurance for mental health. This could include visits to a mental health professional, as well as telehealth sessions. However, if you’re searching for student insurance it’s important to find a plan designed specifically for students, as this will offer the longer term coverage needed for a year abroad. 

Be sure to read the policy and plan documentation carefully so you know what’s covered, what’s not covered, and what the eligibility requirements are. Wondering what international student health insurance covers, this should help clarify things.  

Does a Pre-Existing Condition Travel Insurance Waiver include Mental Health Treatment Coverage?

Though it’s rare, some trip insurance policies may give you the option of a pre-existing condition waiver, which could include coverage for mental illness. If you’re suffering from a mental illness, it’s especially important that you read all the plan and policy documentation before you make your purchase. Need help understanding the benefits, terms, and exclusions of any given plan at VisitorsCoverage? Our Customer Success Team of licensed travel insurance experts are only a click away!. 

Coverage May Depend on How the Physician Classifies Your Treatment 

Travel medical Insurance generally excludes mental illnesses and nervous disorders. But there are some situations where whether a claim is approved or not could come down to how the medical provider categorizes their services and your treatment. Say for instance that you rushed to the ER thinking you’re having a heart attack. Later, you’re informed that it was just a panic attack. If your medical provider classifies the visit as a physical health complaint, it could possibly be covered. If, however, they refer to it as a mental complaint, it’s unlikely to be covered. 

It’s critical to understand exactly what your plan can cover before you buy it. Unwanted and costly surprises will only add to your mental stress. Read the policy documentation thoroughly and if you have any questions, ask a licensed travel insurance expert. 

Choose Cancel For Any Reason for Your Mental Health

Anyone suffering from acute anxiety or depression knows that a panic attack or major depressive state can happen anytime, anywhere. This makes travel all the more challenging. While it may not be optimal to have to cancel your trip plans due to your mental health issues, it’s important to prioritize self-care. Whether you’re in the throes of major depression, or worried about contracting Covid, or have anxiety about dealing with airport chaos, there are many mental and emotional reasons why we might need to cancel our trip.

For American residents, a trip insurance plan with a Cancel For Any Reason add-on benefit, gives them the freedom to do just that. With CFAR, you’ll be able to cancel your trip for any reason and still recoup certain nonrefundable expenses. While CFAR coverage may not alleviate all your stress, you can cross financial loss off your worry list. 

Interruption For Any Reason Can Be a Life-Saver

While traveling can be a wonderful, restorative experience, as we’ve seen in recent weeks, it can also be stressful and challenging. If you are at all worried about the mental toll, the best thing to do is to stay close to home, practice self-care and connect with a mental healthcare professional.

If you experience mental illness while abroad and need to cut your trip short, trip insurance with Interruption For Any Reason can help. Mental health conditions can be even more challenging to handle when you’re overseas or in a country where you don’t speak the language. With IFAR, you can cut your trip short, head back home, and recoup certain prepaid nonrefundable expenses.                                                                                                         

Have More Questions about Mental Health Travel Insurance?

VisitorsCoverage can help!  Get answers to all your travel insurance questions. Can’t decide which travel insurance plan is right for your next trip? Our award-winning Customer Success Team of licensed travel insurance experts are on it.