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Your Guide to Hiking Safety

Your Guide to Hiking Safety

Are you an adventurer? Do you live for the adrenaline rush of conquering physical challenges? 

Hiking is one of the most COVID-friendly activities you can do right now. You’re out in the open air, far away from the most common sources of virus transmission, and whether you decide to trek solo or in a group, it’s pretty easy to practice social distancing while hiking.


Hiking insurance is essential

When you think about hiking you probably think about the physical challenge of rough terrain, the personal satisfaction of making it to the end, the natural scenery along the way and the ultimate reward of a breathtaking view. What you probably don’t think about is insurance. But many trip and travel plans do offer coverage options for adventure sports like hiking and mountaineering. In fact, VisitorsCoverage offers some of the best travel insurance for hiking. Here’s some of the main benefits of buying insurance for hiking and mountaineering:  


Other essential hiking gear

A breathable, dependable face mask:

There’s no getting around it. Since 2020, face masks have become  essential hiking gear. Look for a light-weight mask with a replaceable filter system, adjustability and cooling technology. 

Durable Clothing

Look for attire made just for hiking. These pants and shirts will usually be comfortable, durable, come equipped with cooling technology, and may be water and wind resistant. 

Hiking boots

This probably goes without saying, but a successful hike often comes down to a great pair of hiking boots. So do your research, compare what’s out there and when you find your perfect fit, don’t forget the hiking socks!

Water and simple, healthy snacks

If you think you’ve packed enough water, grab a couple more. Whether your hiking spot is hot and arid, or cool and temperate, you’ll need to stay hydrated. Dehydration can have serious medical consequences. For hikes longer than an afternoon, consider getting a water-purifying bottle, so you can use streams and creeks for hydration if necessary. Pack snacks like fruit and granola. There’s a reason it’s called trail mix!

Rucksack & tent 

You’ll need a place to store all that food and water and other essentials. Find a lightweight backpack that can handle a lot of wear and tear and all kinds of weather.  

Swiss Army knife, flashlight, & first aid kit

A Swiss Army Knife, flashlights and first aid kits have a lot in common with insurance. They don’t take up much space, you may not ever need to use them, but if you get into a tough situation, they may just save your life.   


If hiking isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other adventure sports to test your courage, skill and endurance. Of course, the rewards of an adrenaline rush, a new personal best, a challenge conquered, or breathtaking views come with risks. Fortunately, VisitorsCoverage has plenty of trip and travel insurance options that protect you every step of the way.