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Best Mothers Day Gift Ever? Travel Insurance

Best Mothers Day Gift Ever? Travel Insurance

When you think about Mothers Day gifts, travel insurance probably isnt the first thing that comes to mind. But what if this year was different?

Spending quality time together with mom may be fun for both of you! You could plan a mini-vacation and take a trip to the mountains or a scenic area youve seen on the highway but never stopped to take in. Visiting a new city in your state for the first time for a weekend could be quite the adventure as well. Or you could splurge and send her on a dream vacation to a place shes always wanted to visit.

Here are some new alternatives for the right gift for mom this year!

Planning a Trip With Mom in Mind!

Hiking or mountain trekking. For the outdoorsy woman, this adventure gives her just the getaway she needs to get back to nature and rejuvenate.. Far from all the hats she wears in the world, a trip like this would give her the serenity to be one with naturehow refreshing!

Scuba diving, or water skiing. Who doesnt like spending time at the lake? This could be a fun way to get out the energy of being cooped up at home in the daily grind and let loose and have fun! Might even be fun to bring the kids, or the grandkids, along to enjoy their company as well.

Take a Cruise. If your moms been talking about getting away for a long weekend, or more, a cruise might just do the trick. How about sending her on one with her mom, if thats an option. As we start to have our own families, it can be hard to spend quality time with the moms who raised us. Thats a bonus gift for two! (Youll be the hero here!)

Go camping. Again, for the nature lover, this could be a fun way to spend time with mom – even while taking the kids. Simple day adventures like collecting leaves or rocks, bird watching, or roasting marshmallows and making smores at the end of the day while telling ghost stories are sure to make memories that last a lifetime. (Bonus: Create a scrapbook of the leaves, and pictures of the birds and flowers along the way to take those memories home.)

Bungee Jumping. Yep, you read that right! Some moms have that larger-than-life adventure bug and want to try something adrenaline-pumping and out of the ordinary. You may even want to try jumping with her!

Send Mom on a Mini-Family Reunion. With families living in different states or even countries, its often hard to have that one-on-one time with loved ones living far away. Gift mom with a round-trip ticket to visit her kids and grandkids that live far away.

Take in the Museums. Maybe your mom is the adventurous kind in mind versus body. How excited she would be to take in a museum she has always wanted to visit. New York City has the American Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C. has the Smithsonian, California has the Autry Museum at Griffith Park to name a few. Take your mom on a trip to one of the museums on her list.

What Travel Insurance Should I Buy For My Mother?

No matter how old your mom is, purchasing some type of travel insurance or trip insurance for your next adventure together is a good idea. Not only does travel insurance prioritize your moms health and safety, but the peace of mind it will give her will be invaluable.

Luckily, there are many plans to choose from. Plans are generally categorized and priced based on age, destination, length of trip, country of origin, and coverage needs. Beyond these general categorizations, you can also narrow down your choices based on activities or specific benefits or add-ons. Here are some of our recommendations

Travel insurance for the mother who loves adventure

If your mom loves to feel adrenaline run through her veins, then consider choosing an insurance plan with adventure sports coverage. Although traditional travel insurance plans will cover medical costs for emergencies, accidents related to adventure sports are often excluded from those policies. So if your outdoorsy mom loves hiking and mountaineering, or a beach vacation in Fiji that involves scuba diving and snorkeling, these activities would not be covered under a normal plan. With adventure sports coverage, you and your mom can participate in these activities with peace of mind knowing that youre both covered for the unexpected.

Travel insurance for the elderly mother

Age becomes a primary factor when it comes to risk. Although plans for seniors have some restrictions, there are still a number of plans available to your mother. Whether your mom is still not yet a senior citizen, is 70 or older, or is 80 or older, youll find a number of plans that will give her international coverage for her trip abroad.

Travel insurance for the mother who loves Europe

Some countries require foreign visitors to obtain travel insurance . However, if your gift of an epic European getaway e involves going from Rome to Paris to Berlin, then obtaining Schengen Travel Insurance is the way to go.

Travel insurance for the mother who loves cruises

If you’re taking your mom on the cruise vacation of her dreams, then purchasing Cruise Insurance for her would be a thoughtful gesture.

Why do you need cruise insurance? Most likely her regular health plan may not provide coverage for medical bills incurred during the cruise.

If any unexpected accident or illness were to happen onboard, your mother may not be covered, resulting in incredibly high medical expenses. Beyond health coverage, cruise insurance often will provide coverage for a missed departure, a missing wallet or identity theft, trip delay, baggage loss, and emergency medical evacuation.

What Can Trip Insurance Give Your Mom?

While travel medical plans are ideal for medical coverage for visitors to the United States, American travelers can choose between travel medical or trip insurance for urgent medical needs while traveling abroad. But only trip insurance offers financial protections for trip-related issues like missed flight connections, baggage mishaps and hotel and rental deposits.

If your moms juggling a very busy schedule, and youre wary about pinning down trip dates, purchasing a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) add-on can put your mind at ease. Without this benefit, if unexpected events occur and your mom has to cancel her trip, the decision to cancel can often come with added expenses, or a lack of reimbursement for cancellations. When your trip insurance has CFAR, and the need arises to cancel, your mom can still receive some reimbursement for prepaid trip costs and deposits that would otherwise be nonrefundable.

Similarly, if you think your plans might get interrupted mid-trip, you can purchase Interruption For Any Reason (IFAR) with your trip insurance ahead of time. This lets you and your mom cut your trip short without suffering an additional financial blow.

If youre looking for a gift for Mothers Day that is both meaningful and useful, a surprise vacation complete with trip insurance or travel medical coverage makes a great and unexpected gift.

When youre ready to book a trip for you and your mom but have questions on travel insurance, our Customer Success Team is happy to help.

Oh, and one last tip: Dont forget the card! While your gift will mean the world to your mom, a handwritten note in a thoughtfully-chosen card is your chance to tell her just how much she means to you. Happy Mothers Day from all of us at VisitorsCoverage!

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