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US Visitors Insurance: Understanding the Benefits

US Visitors Insurance: Understanding the Benefits

If you’re planning to visit the United States, you’ll need visitors insurance.

Shopping for the right visitors insurance coverage is not an easy task. The different factors and terms it has can be confusing.

However, understanding the benefits of travel insurance and how it can help you on your journey will help you make the right decision for your needs when coming to the United States.

What Does US Visitors Insurance Cover?

Visitors insurance for the US offers a variety of benefits for travelers. Visitors insurance can cover:

  • Medical expenses related to new injuries or illnesses
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Urgent care visits
  • Emergency room services
  • Prescriptions/medication

Benefits will vary from plan to plan, so shopping around for a policy that has the right coverage you need is key. 

For example, if you need coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions, you’ll look for a plan that offers this type of coverage.

What Does Visitors Insurance Coverage Not Include?

Visitors insurance is meant to act as short-term health insurance that covers you while you are away from home in the case of emergencies. This is because most domestic healthcare plans do not offer coverage abroad.

Visitors insurance is not meant to take the place of your regular insurance, but meant for more of a safeguard for unexpected illnesses or injuries that may arise during one’s travels.

For example, visitors insurance typically does not cover:

  • Preventive care
  • Routine treatment
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Eye or dental services
  • Pregnancy or maternity
  • Check-ups

How to Choose the Right Visitors Insurance Coverage

When shopping for a US visitors insurance plan, you’ll notice that there are different coverage options. Particularly, limited and comprehensive coverage plans.

Limited plans are cheaper, however, they offer less coverage as they work on a fixed benefit model, which means you can only be reimbursed up to a set amount per service or treatment, regardless of how much your bill is. 

Comprehensive coverage plans are preferred for US visitors as they can cover up to 100% of eligible medical expenses up to the policy maximum after your deductible is met. 

Protect Your Journey With VisitorsCoverage Insurance

With the exorbitant costs of medical expenses in the United States, getting a visitors insurance plan is highly recommended as it protects you from the unexpected and can give you the ultimate peace of mind. 

Compare visitors insurance plans today or reach out to our Customer Success Team with any questions.