Visitors Travel Insurance – Understand The Plan Benefits, Before Buying It

Pick the Right Plan Type: Limited or Comprehensive?

Shopping for the right visitors travel insurance coverage is not an easy task. The different factors and terms it has can be confusing.

Choosing the right type of travel insurance plan is the most important part of your decision.

Do not make your decision by looking at the policy maximum amount only; that can be illusive. Most people think insurance will be paying all expenses up to the policy maximum and their responsibility is just the deductible… NO!! Absolutely not.

Policy maximum is just the outer limit; you must review the benefits in detail to understand how exactly the benefits are paid. Understand, if there are any internal limits for each service, or if the benefits are paid based on the co-insurance. It’s important to know how much the out-of-pocket limit is?  etc.

This article on Type of Visitor insurance can help you better understand the type of plans: “Travel Insurance Plans

Limited coverage plans may not have adequate coverage. At VisitorsCoverage, we receive several calls from customers who purchased limited coverage plans, without paying much attention to the benefit details and realized only after a situation arises when they happen to use the insurance, or when insurance company denied certain uncovered benefits, or paid only part of the actual bills, based on the allowed policy limits.

It is strongly recommended to considering a comprehensive coverage plan, if affordability is not a big issue. To learn more about visitors travel insurance with comprehensive coverage, visit comprehensive travel insurance or send your specific questions to

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