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Travel Medical Insurance for People Over 70

Travel Medical Insurance for People Over 70

What is the Best Coverage for People Over 70?

If you are over age 70, it’s important to carefully research your travel health insurance coverage options.

Most travel medical insurance policies for travelers over the age of 70 have restricted policy maximum options, reduced benefits, and a higher premium.

There are three factors that affect the coverage and premium cost of travel health insurance:

  • Age
  • Destination
  • Length of trip

Older age is viewed as a potential risk factor and so it affects the benefits and premium cost of health insurance. Insurance companies are reluctant to allow higher policy maximums or flexible benefits for senior travelers. As we age we are more vulnerable to the elements, illnesses, and injuries. 

What are the Benefits for a Traveler Over 70?

While many non-U.S. travel insurance companies won’t issue policies to those who are older without a medical examination, U.S. travel health insurance companies do provide insurance policies – and with policy maximums up to $100,000. The coverage amounts may be reduced depending on your age, but you can still get travel health insurance if you are over age 70 (even 80) and have the protection you need when you travel.

Travel Medical Insurance for Travelers Over 80

There are plans available to travelers over age 80 – even plans with a maximum of $50,000-$100,000 in medical coverage (the recommended minimum). Still, the premiums are higher the older the traveler is and there are restrictions on minimum purchase as well. An older person’s health is more vulnerable and they are more prone to having health problems, so it is important to consider a good plan with a high policy maximum. Discover more about travel insurance for seniors 80 and older.

Coverage Needed by Older Travelers

Let’s take a look at the coverage you may need in your travel medical insurance for travelers over age 70.

  • Medical coverage
  • Higher the policy maximum – better protection and less liability
  • Repatriation benefits
  • Emergency evacuation benefits

There are many comprehensive travel medical plans that include benefits that cover new prescriptions, hospital rooms, surgeries, and more. Those are the best plans for traveling seniors. Be sure to choose a plan that includes higher medical limits for your trip.

To get quotes, compare travel medical insurance plans for seniors, and make your travel health insurance purchase, type in your trip details in our Get a Quote tool. If you have any specific questions, connect with our Customer Success Team.

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