Guidelines for Buyers: Buying Travel Insurance Online

Internet is the most convenient and popular tool to research and make online purchases. While it provides the convenience to do things online with simple clicks, it can be tricky for certain line of products/service like insurance.

Following guidelines can be helpful for buyers who wish to buy travel insurance online –

  • Do not blindly believe what you read on the internet or forums. Many posts are by the agent/brokers themselves. Often these postings are done with different names, fake postings and fake comments are not new things now. Needless to say, these postings can be deceiving. Stories, feedback, testimonials are fabricated and are selectively displayed on agents’ websites. You will not see any negative feedback about any product they sell or represent; instead you’ll see much negative feedback about others.
  • No insurance product is bad, Whether it is IndiaHealth network (Dr Rao), ICICI, Sevencorners, HCC; they all have great products and are good companies. What is important for you as a buyer is the service you receive from the agent (source from where you buy insurance), their qualification and level of knowledge and commitment for doing business ethically.
  • As a buyer, it’s your responsibility to understand and get educated yourself on what is covered and what is not covered. Do not get fooled by fake sales postings on the net. Focus on your need, what kind of policy you want, how much coverage is good for you, what kinds of risk you want to be covered for, and how much it will cost you. There are several policies with similar coverage and different price tag, it is wise to compare them for benefits and choose the one you find most suitable for your needs.
  • Where to buy it from: If you search for the term visitors insurance, you will find ocean of websites, offering same products, and same prices. Always remember that there are limited insurance plan administrators and all these websites represent themselves as agents.
  • So now comes the question of “Whom to trust?” – Make the conscious decision based on what is your own feelings about the source you select to buy travel insurance online. Follow if you have any feedback from close friends, or reliable recommendations.
  • Do your home work: It can be difficult to understand the complex terminologies of insurance policies, do not hesitate to call the agent and clarify with them. Read policy documents yourself and get clarifications. Do not make assumptions.
  • Think practically: No matter which insurance company it is, the claims department always works on one principle: To take every precaution, not to pay extra or ineligible claims, and hence it requires supporting documents, evidence etc and can be a frustrating process sometimes. And it’s perfectly ok.  As a buyer, do your part; know your rights and rest assured, if the claim is legitimate it should be paid.

Happy Researching… !

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