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Guidelines for Buying Travel Insurance Online

Guidelines for Buying Travel Insurance Online

The internet is the most convenient and popular tool to research and make online purchases. Although it’s simple to make purchases online, it can be hard to discern what types of policy you should be purchasing when it comes to travel insurance.

Guidelines For Buyers Who Wish to Buy Travel Insurance Online:

  • Don’t blindly believe what you read on the internet or forums. Many posts are by the agent/brokers themselves. It’s also really easy for fake postings from fake authors to be published. Needless to say, these postings can be deceiving. Stories, feedback, and testimonials can be fabricated and selectively displayed on agents websites. On some websites, you won’t see any negative feedback about any product they sell or represent. Be wary of online sites with reviews that seem too perfect or unrealistic.
  • No insurance product is bad. Whether you purchase a policy from IndiaHealth network (Dr Rao), ICICI, SevenCorners, or WorldTrips, they all have great products and are good companies. What is important for you as a buyer is the service you receive from the agent, their qualifications and level of knowledge, and the commitment they display for doing business ethically.
  • As a buyer, its your responsibility to understand and get educated on what is covered and what isn’t. Don’t get fooled by fake sales postings online. Focus on your needs, what kind of policy you want, how much coverage is good for you, what kinds of risk you want to be covered for, and how much it will cost you. There are several policies with similar coverage and different price tags. Therefore, it’s wise to compare them for benefits and choose the one you find most suitable for your needs.
  • Where should you get travel insurance? If you search for the term “visitors insurance”, you will find an ocean of websites offering the same products with the same prices. Always remember that there are limited insurance plan administrators and all these websites represent themselves as agents.
  • So now comes the question of “Whom should I trust?” Make the conscious decision based on your own feelings about the source. Likewise, it might be helpful to utilize the recommendations of friends or family who have had a good experience with a specific provider.
  • Do your homework: It can be difficult to understand the complex terminology of insurance policies. Don’t hesitate to call the agent and clarify with them. Read the policy documents yourself and get clarifications. Don’t make assumptions.
  • Think practically: No matter which insurance company you choose, the claims department always works on one principle: If theres the slightest reason to deny your claim, it likely will be denied. Therefore, if you’re filing a claim, you need to submit extensive supporting documents and evidence. It can be a frustrating process sometimes. But as a buyer, make sure you know your rights and do your part. If the claim is legitimate, it should be paid.

VisitorsCoverage is a unique one-stop shop that provides unbiased advice and allows travelers to compare comprehensive medical plans and buy suitable travel insurance from the convenience of your own home. Were the place to buy travel insurance online and compare various travel insurance for the U.S. Feel free to contact our Customer Success Team tofind out more about the right kind of travel health insurance to suit your needs.

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