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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance: The Best Fathers Day Gift

Travel Insurance: The Best Fathers Day Gift

When it comes to Fathers Day, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for Dad. If youre looking for something unique, memorable and also highly practical for your dad, look no further.  Planning a trip to take with your dad complete with travel insurance may just be the perfect way to show Dad how much you care. 

Planning a Trip with Dad in Mind!

Reunite Dad with the old country. Whether your dad is a new immigrant or a first-generation American, hell love going back to his roots. Taking Dad on a trip to his ancestral country and experiencing it with him is a meaningful, memorable gift. 

Experience the Great Outdoors with Dad. Theres nothing like a good old camping trip. So gather your hiking gear, and pitch a tent to give Dad an experience he wont soon forget. There are plenty of National Parks with scenic campgrounds to choose from. 

Take Dad on an adventure. What about giving Dad a little adventure? Whether its scuba diving and snorkeling or bungee-jumping and skydiving, if your dad is the adventurous kind, hell appreciate sharing these adrenaline-pumping experiences with you.  

Give Dad some culture. If your dads the sophisticated sort, you can take him on a trip filled with cultural experience. From trying new cuisines to touring little-known museums, spending a long weekend sharing and exploring with Dad will show him how much you care.  

What Kind of Travel Insurance Should I Buy For My Dad?

Giving Dad a trip complete with  travel medical insurance can be a great, thoughtful gift. Its the perfect combination of fun and practicality. The trip itself will give Dad an amazing time and the insurance can help keep him safe. 

It might seem confusing to decide which plan to choose at first, but VisitorsCoverage makes it easy to select the perfect travel insurance plan for your father. To make the insurance-buying process easier to navigate, our plans are generally categorized and priced based on age, length of a trip, the country of origin, and the type of coverage that youre wanting to receive. Were highlighting some of our insurance policies that would be perfect for dads of every kind. 

Travel Insurance For Daredevil Dads

Does your dad love adrenaline-inducing activities? Then purchasing a policy that features adventure sports coverage is the right move. These plans are useful because traditional travel medical insurance doesnt generally provide coverage for accidents or emergencies related to adventure sports. If your dad loves to plan his vacations around kayaking and whitewater rafting, or perhaps hes into skiing and snowboarding, then purchasing this insurance will provide coverage in the event that hes hurt while enjoying his favorite activities. 

Travel Insurance for the American Dad

If your Dad likes to bring his golf club or custom bike with him on his adventurous trips around the country, then consider purchasing trip insurance

If your dad prefers to bring his own golf clubs with him to Florida, or his own snowboard to Vail, then purchasing a trip insurance policy for him would help protect the financial investment of his checked sports equipment. Not only that, but also trip insurance provides coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, missed flight connection, baggage loss, and rental car coverage, among other benefits, allowing dad to recoup some financial losses associated with prepaid expenses should his travel plans change. 

Travel Insurance for Senior Dads & Granddads 

Whether youre 40 or 70, travel is something that everyone can enjoy. Although theres some truth to the saying that age is but a number, age is a big factor when it comes to the travel insurance policies that youre eligible for. Because older age is considered a risk factor, insurance options can become a bit more limited. However, VisitorsCoverage still has a number of plans that would be perfect for your older dad or your grandpa, whether hes 70 or older, or even 80 or older

Travel Insurance for Globetrotting Dads 

If your dad is a frequent traveler who usually takes multiple trips per year, then you might consider purchasing an international multi-trip insurance plan. Its way more convenient (and more cost-efficient) to use this type of insurance than it is to purchase individual policies for each trip.

With these plans, you can take as many trips as you want within a calendar year, and you can choose either 30 days or 45 days as the length of coverage for each trip. Beyond providing medical coverage, these plans will also cover for medical evacuation and repatriation. This means that your dad will have coverage in the event that he needs to be evacuated due to an emergency medical situation.

If youre looking for a Fathers Day gift thats practical, meaningful, and a little unexpected, then travel insurance is a great option. No matter where your dad travels to next, hell be at ease knowing that his health and finances are protected.

What Can Trip Insurance Give Your Dad?

For visitors to the United States, travel medical insurance is ideal for medical coverage. Americans traveling internationally, however, have more options. Both travel medical insurance and trip insurance can offer financial protections for emergency medical needs while traveling abroad. Trip insurance, however, offers extra protections for trip-related issues. Whether you missed your flight connection, lost your luggage or need to cancel your trip, trip insurance can help. Before you head off on your trip, its a great idea to make sure you and your dad are covered for the unexpected. 

This is especially true if your dad has a busy schedule  and youre wary about pinning down trip dates. Standard trip insurance allows policyholders to cancel their plans for a covered reason like inclement weather or the death of a loved one, and still recoup certain prepaid trip expenses.  But the covered reasons for cancellation are limited to those explicitly stated in the policy documents. For more cancellation flexibility, consider adding on a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) benefit. When your trip insurance has CFAR, and the need arises to cancel, you and your dad can still receive some reimbursement for prepaid trip costs and deposits that would otherwise be nonrefundable. 

Similarly, if you think your plans might get interrupted mid-trip, you can purchase Interruption For Any Reason (IFAR) with your trip insurance ahead of time. This lets you and your dad cut your trip short without suffering additional financial losses. 

If youre looking for a gift for Fathers Day that is both meaningful and useful, a surprise vacation complete with trip insurance or travel medical coverage makes a great and unexpected gift. 

When youre ready to book a trip for you and your dad but have questions on travel insurance, our Customer Success Team is happy to help. Happy Fathers Day from all of us at VisitorsCoverage

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