Snowboard and Ski Trip Travel Insurance

Snowboard and Ski Trip Travel Insurance

Whether you're a seasoned professional, just skiing for fun, or picking up a snowboard for the very first time, winter sports can prove to be fun for the entire family.

If you are traveling away from home for your skiing or snowboarding trip, one thing you shouldn’t leave the house without is travel insurance.

Why Is Travel Insurance Important for Ski Trips?

When traveling during the winter, trip plans can quickly be detailed due to unforeseen weather conditions and delays in transportation. 

With a trip insurance plan, you can have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong during your travels, you’ll be covered for your nonrefundable expenses.

Ski trips can prove to be extremely costly, especially including the costs of transportation, lodging, ski passes, and gear. Protecting your trip costs can help ensure that even in the event of a unexpected travel hiccup, you’ll be covered.

How Can Ski Trip Travel Insurance Help?

Having travel insurance during your ski trip can be a safeguard in a number of ways, including for the following reasons.

Accident & Sickness Coverage

If traveling internationally, trip insurance can provide medical coverage for unexpected accidents or illnesses that occur overseas. Typically, most domestic health insurance plans don’t offer coverage outside of an individual’s home country, which is why international travel insurance is so important. 

Skiing and snowboarding is considered an extreme support, and injuries related to these winter sports are often excluded from travel insurance plans.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Emergency medical evacuation coverage can help cover the costs of lifesaving medical transportation in the event that you are seriously injured and need to be transported to a facility that can best assist with your crisis. Emergency medical evacuation without insurance can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so this insurance can be a lifesaver - literally.

Trip Cost Protection

Ski trip travel insurance plans will offer coverage for trip cancellation, delay, and interruption, so that you can recoup the cost of your nonrefundable travel reservations in the event of an unexpected covered reason, such as inclement weather.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Skiing and Snowboarding?

When purchasing a travel insurance plan for a ski or snowboarding trip, it is important to understand what travel insurance will cover when it comes to extreme sports.

Most travel insurance plans will exclude coverage for accidents that occur during extreme sports, such as skiing and snowboarding. It is important to review a plan’s policy wording to understand if extreme or adventure sports are excluded from coverage.

Even if your plan does not cover extreme sports related injuries, you can still use your travel insurance for other illnesses or injuries that occur during your travels, assuming that they are not related to any other exclusions in your plan.

What Is Ski Travel Insurance?

Skiing travel insurance offers protection for your ski trip, such as in the event that your luggage with all of your gear is lost along the way or if you have to cancel your trip unexpectedly.

With ski and snowboarding travel insurance, you can:

  • Protect your trip investment
  • Secure reimbursement in the event of lost baggage
  • Get medical coverage if you become ill or injured during your travels
  • Have 24/7 travel assistance
  • Get access and coverage to emergency medical evacuation

Additionally, some trip insurance plans also offer valuable coverage for rental car collision, which is sometimes included in plans or can be purchased as add-on coverage.

What Is the Best Ski Travel Insurance?

The best ski travel insurance is a plan that best fits your individual needs. Each ski trip insurance plan will offer differing benefits and coverage, so it is recommended to review a plan’s policy wording to understand what is covered and what isn’t to find a plan that fits your trip.

What Is Snowboarding Travel Insurance?

Snowboarding travel insurance is no different from ski travel insurance. Snowboarding trip travel insurance will offer you the same trip cost protection, including for unexpected cancelations or delays, lost or stolen luggage protection, accident and sickness medical coverage, and more. 

Top Skiing and Snowboarding Destinations

Looking for inspiration? Here are some of the top skiing and snowboarding destinations to consider if you are thinking about taking a winter sports vacation:

  • Cortina d'Ampezzo Resort, Italy
  • Niseko, Japan
  • The Swiss Alps, Switzerland
  • Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
  • Vail Mountain, Colorado, U.S.

Protect Yourself With Ski Trip Travel Insurance

Before you head to the slopes, make sure that your gear, your trip costs, and your wellbeing are protected with ski trip travel insurance. 

Still have questions? Compare trip insurance plans or contact our Customer Success Team for assistance.