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What Is Accident & Sickness Insurance?

What Is Accident & Sickness Insurance?

When we travel abroad, our domestic health insurance won’t usually cover us. This is what makes travel insurance a must-have for every international traveler. Travel insurance comes in two types: travel medical insurance and trip insurance. For comprehensive urgent medical care while you’re traveling outside of your home country, travel medical insurance may seem like the obvious choice. While it is true that you’ll have more comprehensive coverage with travel medical insurance, Americans traveling abroad have another option for urgent medical coverage: trip insurance. 

Is Accident and Sickness Insurance the Same as Health Insurance?

The Accident and Sickness coverage you get with trip insurance isn’t a substitute for your regular domestic health insurance. Trip insurance offers Accident and Sickness coverage for American residents traveling abroad. Policy maximums will vary by plan but some policies have policy maximums as high as $500,000. This means that if you’re traveling abroad and incur a new injury or contract a new illness that requires emergency medical attention, you may be covered.   

Trip Insurance Includes Emergency Medical Evacuation

Depending on the policy, your trip insurance policy may include emergency medical evacuation coverage. If you’re sick on a cruise, injured in a location with rough terrain, or in a village with limited medical resources, this benefit can be a literal life saver. Emergency medical evacuation usually involves airlifting the sick or injured policyholder to the nearest medical facility, where they can get the treatment they need. The service would cost an uninsured person upwards of $100,000 and they would still need to pay for any additional medical care they received.

Other Benefits of Trip Insurance

In addition to the urgent medical coverage offered through the accident and sickness benefit, trip insurance also protects the trip investment. With most  basic trip insurance plans, travelers may be protected for certain prepaid travel expenses related to things like trip cancellations, missed connections, and luggage loss

Basic trip cancellation insurance coverage can cover prepaid non-refundable expenses should you need to cancel your trip for a covered reason. These reasons may include inclement weather, sickness of self, a travel companion or a dependent, death of a loved one, or job termination. Covered reasons may vary from plan to plan so be sure to read your policy documentation. Only those situations explicitly stated in these documents will be covered under standard trip cancellation. 

However, trip insurance plans are customizable. You can choose an add-on like Cancel For Any Reason coverage and you’ll be able to cancel your trip for any reason, even if it’s not explicitly stated as a covered one, and still recoup certain prepaid travel expenses like hotel or rental deposits. 

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