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Travel Medical Insurance & US Healthcare

Travel Medical Insurance & US Healthcare

Healthcare costs around the globe can vary a great amount depending on where you visit. Someone traveling outside of the U.S. to a different country might experience different, namely less, healthcare expenses than someone that visits the United States.

When you purchase travel medical insurance, you’re purchasing an insurance plan that adheres to the quality and services that the country you are purchasing it from provides. The United States offers some of the best healthcare with a wide range of advanced services and for this reason the cost of insurance is higher.

When you compare the U.S. healthcare system to the rest of the world, you will find that healthcare spending in this country far exceeds that of other countries – and it continues to grow. Many factors contribute to the costly health care, and much of it revolves around the constantly evolving technology, drugs and medical research and with the medical technology that the United States invests in, such as MRI machines and the most advanced of devices, the costs are significantly higher. Receiving treatment for an illness can be an entirely different experience in the U.S. as opposed to another country that does not invest as much in healthcare.

The higher cost of healthcare in the United States does not just stop at medical services. Every other service associated with medical services – including emergency evacuation, other parameters surrounding medical emergency, treating acute onset of pre-existing conditions – are all billed at a higher rate than any other country.

With different vehicles, medical breakthroughs, and access to new drugs and technology, a visitor to the U.S. might be more safely covered in case of emergency than a visitor to another foreign country because the U.S. provides the same level of medical care for its citizens, as it does for its visitors. While the cost of insurance for inbound travelers to the U.S. are higher in comparison, they are also greater in value and regardless, it’s never smart to go unprotected, especially when navigating a foreign country.

Although the initial cost may be high at first, making sure that you are covered for the unexpected before traveling to the U.S. can save you time, money, and peace of mind in the end. Get quotes and compare policies to learn more and find a plan that best fits your travel medical needs.