Does Travel Insurance Include Rental Car Collision Insurance?

Does Travel Insurance Include Rental Car Collision Insurance?

If you're renting a car on your trip, it's wise to protect yourself against any damage or repair in the event of an accident. While no one wants to think about having to deal with a car accident during their travels, being protected can give you peace of mind and provide a vital financial safeguard if an accident were to occur in your rental.

Car rental collision insurance is typically offered to you by the car rental insurance company when you pick up the car. However, there are other options to consider that can give you rental car collision insurance as well as other benefits, such as travel insurance.

What Is Rental Car Collision Insurance?

Rental car collision insurance protects you against the expenses related to physical damage and repair of the rental car in the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle.

With car rental collision insurance, you’ll be covered for damage or theft of the vehicle and costs related to the damage and injury sustained by other people if the policyholder causes an accident.

Do You Need Collision Insurance on a Rental Car?

Rental car collision insurance is highly recommended for those who are renting a vehicle during their travels to keep you protected against a substantial financial burden if something were to happen to the car.

Depending on the severity of the damage or the make, model, and age of the vehicle, you may find yourself responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement in the event of an accident or theft without proper insurance coverage.

Travel Insurance With Rental Car Collision Coverage

Did you know that many travel insurance policies include rental car collision coverage or offer this coverage as an optional add-on? This means you can protect your trip costs as well as secure car rental collision coverage with just one policy.

Travel insurance can provide collision damage insurance for rental cars as part of the policy or as an add-on for an additional fee.

There are several travel insurance plans that offer rental car collision insurance already included.

Additionally, there are many travel insurance plans that offer rental car collision coverage as optional coverage, meaning you can add rental car collision insurance for an additional fee.

What Does Travel Insurance Rental Car Collision Cover?

Rental car collision insurance under a travel insurance policy can provide reimbursement up to the stated maximum benefit amount if your rental car is:

  • Damaged due to collision, theft, vandalism, or a natural disaster
  • The rental car is stolen and not recovered

There may be other certain stipulations you must follow for coverage, such as ensuring that you obtain all relevant information from the other party involved in the accident and reporting the incident to local authorities and the rental company quickly.

Coverage provided for rental car collisions may vary from plan to plan, so it is important to review your policy’s wording to understand what is covered under this benefit.

What Isn’t Covered By Rental Car Collision In Travel Insurance?

As with most travel insurance benefits, there are limitations and exclusions to be aware of when it comes to rental car collision coverage under travel insurance.

For example, some common exclusions can include:

  • Any loss that occurs as the results of driving under the influence
  • Failure to report the loss or accident to local authorities or the rental car company
  • Any loss that occurs from street racing
  • Any loss attributed to mechanical failure or breakdown of the vehicle
  • Any loss caused by gross negligence by the driver
Find limitations and exclusions in your plan’s description of coverage or policy wording.

Rental Car Collision Travel Insurance Tips

Here are some helpful tips to remember when it comes to car rental collision insurance under travel insurance plans:

  • Rental car collision insurance is technically not insurance, rather it's a collision damage waiver.
  • If you don't have comprehensive insurance or car rental insurance, it's wise to have a travel insurance plan with rental car collision insurance.
  • Always read the travel insurance policy documents as coverage specifics vary.
  • Compare the insurance that you already have through homeowners and auto insurance to avoid getting unnecessary coverage.

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Securing the right travel insurance plan can provide you with valuable protection of your travel-related expenses as well as rental car collision insurance. 

Have questions? Contact our Customer Success Team for further assistance or compare trip insurance plans to find the right coverage today.