rental car insurance

Rental Car Collision Insurance

If you are renting a car on your trip, it is wise to protect yourself against any damage or repair in the event of an accident. Rental Car Collision insurance protects you against the expenses related to the rental car physical damage and repair.

It is a great option if you are taking a road trip by rental car. It covers theft or damage of a car rented by a policy holder during their trip. It also covers the damage and injury sustained by other people if the policy holder causes an accident.

Some travel insurance policies may covers rental car coverage as an additional optional coverage with extra premium. It is best to check with your travel insurance agent or trip insurance policy.

The plans that offer rental car insurance for foreigners in USA are:

  • Travel Guard: Travel Guard Essential, Med Evac
  • CSA: CSA travel Protection
  • Travel Ex: Travel Plus
  • Access America: Basic

Facts and Important Information for Rental Car Collision Insurance:

  • Rental Car collision is a waiver and not insurance.
  • If you don't have comprehensive insurance or car rental insurance, it is wise to buy rental car collision waiver.
  • Always try to read the policy documents for offered coverage by the insurance company.
  • Try to compare the coverage that you already have through homeowners and auto insurance to Avoid getting unnecessary coverage and minimize cost of insurance.