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Sports Travel Insurance: Protect Your Team Competing Abroad

Sports Travel Insurance: Protect Your Team Competing Abroad

We all understand the importance of gearing up with helmets, pads, and protective gear before hitting the field. But when it comes to competing overseas, gearing up with travel medical insurance is just as crucial.

More and more athletes travel overseas for camps, clinics, and tournaments, unaware their domestic insurance doesn’t provide international coverage. So, as a team manager, your priority is the safety and well-being of your players wherever they are. This involves ensuring that they have the best sports travel insurance coverage.

The outcome? Keeping those pesky healthcare costs down and making sure you and your players have one less thing to worry about during the trip. Stay laser-focused on the big game ahead with the right sports travel insurance.

What Is Sports Travel Insurance?

Sports team insurance in the form of group travel insurance is a simple solution for insuring the whole team and reducing liability for injuries or emergency medical expenses that happen abroad. Group travel insurance can offer group coverage for medical emergencies or unexpected injuries that occur abroad.

Individual travelers can also look into travel medical insurance plans that offer additional riders that can provide coverage for injuries that occur due to sports play, covering a variety of different sports. Covered sports will be listed in a policy’s description of coverage for these types of riders, which do require an additional cost to your premium.

What Sports Teams Are Included in Group Travel Insurance Plans?

Group travel insurance can offer a simple way to secure coverage for a large group of people who are all traveling together. This means that you can purchase a group travel insurance plan for your sports team.

However, it’s important to note that group travel insurance does not cover injuries caused by organized sports, only new injuries or illnesses that occur due to covered reasons as listed in the policy.

How Can My Team Get Sports Coverage?

Individuals may be able to get specific sports coverage through an additional rider on a policy that offers coverage for organized sports.

For example:

  • Diplomat America provides three classes of sports coverage, including polo (horse and water), softball, inline skating, ski jumping, and more for an additional fee.

What Does Sports Insurance Cover?

It depends on what plan you decide to go with, but sports travel insurance typically provides coverage for medical incidents that occur abroad. This might include: 

  • New incidents like accidents, illnesses, and injuries
  • Emergency services, including hospitalization and surgery
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • COVID-19 coverage (testing, vaccination, or treatment)

Some insurance policies will also provide travel-related coverage involving:

  • Stolen baggage
  • Border entry protection
  • Trip interruption
  • Flight delays

Again, since each policy is unique, we encourage you to carefully review every plan to ensure its coverage will be sufficient for you and your team.

Why Do Sports Teams Need Insurance?

You wouldn’t put your team in the game without protective gear, so why let your players compete without sports team insurance? Sports team insurance provides essential travel medical protection that lets your team travel risk-free.

With trip protection and reimbursements for non-sports-related medical expenses, insurance offers well-rounded coverage for each team member. 

Simply put, sports insurance for teams is the best way to get extensive coverage for all of your team’s travel needs. Purchasing a group insurance policy for athletic teams is also a less expensive alternative to buying individual policies for each player.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Sports Injuries?

Typical travel insurance plans—even those designed for groups—may not cover illnesses or injuries caused by certain activities, such as sports. 

This means that a broken arm caused by a football accident may leave the policyholder paying out of pocket for a medical bill costing potentially thousands of dollars.

Can You Get Travel Insurance for a Group?

Yes, group travel insurance plans are available. These plans do not cover sports-related injuries but can offer general coverage for emergency medical events that occur abroad.

Typically, group travel insurance is more cost-effective than going solo. Rates for group travel insurance can be anywhere from 10% to 15% lower than those for individual coverage, resulting in significant savings for travelers.

Does Your Team Have to Be a Certain Size to Get Sports Team Travel Insurance?

Sports team group travel insurance typically requires a minimum of five travelers. It’s essential to check with different insurance providers to understand eligibility criteria and identify a policy that suits your team.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Sports Team Travel Insurance? 

The Pros

  • Comprehensive team coverage. On top of medical coverage due to unforeseen  injuries or illnesses, policies typically also cover travel-related incidents.
  • Group discounts. Purchasing group travel insurance can be a more cost-effective alternative than buying individual insurance plans for every team member. 
  • Peace of mind. Peace of mind is so crucial when you have an important sports event on the horizon. Not to mention, you have a whole team to look after. Knowing your team is financially and medically protected in the event unexpected circumstances come up can make all the difference.

The Cons

  • Limited coverage options. Some insurance plans may have limitations on coverage, exclusions, or restrictions based on the types of sports that are covered. So, it’s essential to read policies carefully.
  • Complex payment structures. Depending on your insurance policy, you must understand and consider deductibles and policy maximums. It may involve a learning curve at the beginning.

Lean on VisitorsCoverage for Group Insurance Plans

If you’re traveling with a group of five or more, learn about VisitorsCoverage’s group insurance plans. Expect simplicity, ease, and cost-effectiveness. 

We understand every team has unique needs, so if you have any additional questions, contact our licensed insurance specialists.