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Travel Insurance

Sports Team Group Insurance: Protect Your Team Competing Abroad

Sports Team Group Insurance: Protect Your Team Competing Abroad

Any athlete knows its risky to play without a helmet, padding, or other protective gear, but competing abroad without travel medical insurance may be even riskier. More and more athletes are traveling overseas for sports camps, clinics, competitions, and tournaments, unaware that their domestic insurance does not provide international coverage. Sports injuries are not uncommon, and uninsured athletes may find themselves paying high healthcare costs as a result of an unexpected injury.


As an organizer or manager of a league, clinic, or camp, you’re responsible for ensuring the safety and well being of your players, which includes making sure that they get the best travel medical protection.


Sports team insurance is a simple solution for insuring the whole team and reducing liability for sports injuries and other emergency medical expenses that occur abroad. Designed for athletic groups like amateur, intramural, intercollegiate, and club teams, sports team insurance can be customized for any sport. Purchasing a group insurance policy for athletic teams not only ensures that all players and coaches are covered, but is also a less expensive alternative to buying individual policies for each player.


Football, soccer, ice hockey, skiing, and gymnastics are just a few of the sports that athletic team insurance covers. Typical travel insurance plans even those designed for groups may not cover illnesses or injuries caused by certain activities such as sports. This means that a broken arm caused by a football accident may leave the policy holder paying out of pocket for a medical bill costing potentially thousands of dollars.


Even if the likelihood of one of your team members becoming injured isnt high, sports team insurance covers more than just sports injuries. Trip protection costs such as lost or stolen baggage, flight delays, and trip interruption expenses are covered by sports team insurance, and players are also reimbursed for covered medical expenses that are not sports-related. Sports insurance for teams is the best way to get extensive coverage for all of your sports travel needs.


You wouldnt put your team in the game without their protective gear, so why let your players compete without sportsteam insurance?Sports team group insuranceprovides essential travel medical and sports protection that lets your team travel risk-free.

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