What Is Cruise Wave Season?

What Is Cruise Wave Season?

Cruises provide a unique way to travel the world, allowing an immersive experience where you can enjoy your time while simultaneously traveling to different destinations. There are cruises that visit all over the world with travel times ranging from a few days to weeks to even months long. This exciting way of traveling can give you the opportunity to visit a multitude of places without the stress of constant packing and unpacking and let you literally enjoy the ride.

Cruise line wave season is upon us, and it means one thing – the best deals for cruises. If you’re looking to book a cruise, wave season is the perfect time as it typically offers the lowest prices for cruises for the entire year and many cruise lines offer special promotions or deals during this time.

What Is Wave Season for Cruises?

Cruise wave season is a time during the year when the cruise season offers special promotions and deals for their cruises for the rest of the year. It is often referred to as the sales season for cruises and one can often find discounted cruise rates, special offers such as complimentary upgrades, and promotions like free additional travelers.

When Is Wave Season for Cruises?

Cruise line wave season typically occurs throughout the months of January to March. This is the most popular time for booking cruises as people are post-holiday planning, scheduling trips for the new year, and with the availability of special promotions, it’s the best time to book a cruise.

What Are Things to Do on a Cruise?

Taking a cruise offers a variety of options for adventures and activities to take part of. Here are some of the key things to do while on a cruise:

  • Visit multiple destination cities and participate in excursions such as scuba diving, sightseeing, and food tours.
  • Enjoy meals in themed eateries and buffets with a wide range of culinary options, often included in your cruise cost. You also have the opportunity to visit specialty restaurants on board that require additional payment as well as the opportunity to upgrade your cruise with a beverage package.
  • Explore your cruise ship and take part in a variety of onboard activities from movie nights to competitions. Most cruises also offer nightly entertainment including comedy shows and theater performances. There’s always something fun to do while on the ship!
  • Take advantage of onboard amenities including swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, rock climbing walls, and whatever else your cruise line offers!
  • Soak in breathtaking scenery while sailing on the open seas. Plus, depending on your destination of choice, immerse yourself in a new culture and experience the joys of exploring a new (or previously visited and loved) area of the world.

The great thing about taking a cruise is that there is always something to do – even if you just want to relax on board, there’s no shortage of activities to take part in and things to see.

How to Find the Best Cruise Deals

If you’re trying to find the best cruise deals, our first word of advice is to book during cruise wave season. During this time, you’ll definitely find the best deals for the year. Additionally, keep the following tips in mind: 

  • Book early or last minute for the best prices
  • Try to be flexible with your travel dates
  • Subscribe to newsletters and alerts from cruise lines to be notified of promotions and discounts
  • Compare prices online for similar cruise destinations and dates
  • Think about what ports you can depart from and compare prices among these ports, some ports are typically more expensive than others
  • Consider off-peak seasons of travel such as fall and winter

These tips can help you discover the best cruise deals, allowing you to book your travels and keep some extra cash in your pocket.

Do You Need Cruise Insurance?

When booking a cruise, it’s always a good idea to consider cruise insurance. You’ll also want to check requirements for any destinations you are traveling to, as some countries do require travel insurance to enter.

What Does Cruise Insurance Cover?

Cruise insurance can offer you protection in the event of an unexpected event during the dates of your travel. For example, a cruise insurance plan can provide coverage for trip disruptions such as lost luggage, missed ports, cancellations, or delays. 

Additionally, cruise insurance can offer medical coverage related to emergency medical events that happen onboard such as unforeseen illnesses or injuries. Since sailing on the open waters technically means you aren’t in your home country or state, most domestic health insurance plans will not cover you if you need medical attention during your cruise.

How Much Is Cruise Insurance?

The cost of cruise insurance will depend upon a number of factors, such as your cruise destinations, length of your cruise, your age, and the cost of your cruise. Typically, cruise insurance is roughly between 5% to 7% of your cruise cost. You can always compare cruise insurance plans to choose a policy that fits within your budget and offers the benefits you need for your specific travel plans.

The Best Time to Book a Cruise

Cruise wave season is the perfect time to book a cruise, so if you’re in the market for an adventure on the open ocean, start your planning now! Additionally, it’s essential to consider cruise insurance to protect against unforeseen events and ensure peace of mind throughout your journey. By following these tips, you can embark on your next cruise adventure with confidence, knowing that you’ve secured the best deals and are prepared for a memorable voyage ahead.