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Holidays & Vacation Travel

GetawaysBack-to-School Season Can Mean Vacation for Adults

GetawaysBack-to-School Season Can Mean Vacation for Adults

As the weather starts to cool off, kids are cleared to safely return to school, and COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, it may be the perfect time to take an adult vacation. Whether you have children or not, you probably haven’t had the chance to take a grown-up getaway since before the pandemic began.

Back-to-school season can be a great time to get away for a trip without a bunch of kids at your destination. Although travel is trending upward, there is usually a dip in travel at the beginning of the school year, since families aren’t traveling. This can lead to some great deals for activities and lodging if you know where to look. So the biggest question is not whether you should travel, but where you should go?

Vacations That are Also Covid Safe

Boozy breaks

Visiting a region where wine, beer or spirits are made is a great way to relax and indulge in some adult beverages. Because fall is when grapes are harvested and crushed for wine, visiting a vineyard or two can be a perfect way to have fun without children around. Plus, since you’ll be outdoors, this can be a great social distancing option. Some of the best wine regions in the world are considered to be Central France and California in the United States. Scheduling a few wine tastings a day, along with time to relax and soak up the autumn sun is a great way to spend your time off. If you plan on drinking at a lot of different places, consider hiring a driver or shuttle service to move you between locations. Also, always remember to drink responsibly and check travel advisories and make sure that your alcohol-of-choice has not had issues reported recently

Tranquil beaches

If your ideal vacation is lying on a beach without the screams of nearby children, fall can be an excellent time to enjoy a beach getaway. Before snowbirds arrive from cold climates in the winter months, resorts in places like Hawaii and Cancun see a dip in numbers of visitors and much lower numbers of children. Plus, both of these destinations (Mexico and Hawaii) have straightforward travel requirements, making the process of Covid-tests as straightforward as possible. Visiting a warm climate can help you escape the oncoming chill of fall and stretch summer out a little bit longer.

Soothing spa days

Theres never a bad time to pamper yourself! Spending some time at a nearby spa can be a great way to slough off the stresses of autumn. Or, if you want to get farther away, many spa and vacation resorts have special deals for the low-visitor time between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Also, you can get ahead on holiday shopping by purchasing spa packages or gifts for your loved ones.

Calming cruise

Although there is a spike in cruise demand post-pandemic, the industry historically has lower prices for the fall season, since that’s the least likely time for adults to take a cruise. As a result, you can get some great last-minute deals for an autumn cruise. If this sounds like the trip for you, check out some of our tips on cruises and be sure to always get insurance.

No matter where you decide to travel to, make sure travel insurance is part of your trip planning process. If you’re traveling abroad, purchasing travel medical insurance ensures that your health is covered in the event that you become sick or injured while out of the country. On the other hand, trip insurance is perfect for both international and domestic trips, as it protects the financial investment of your trip in the event of trip cancellations or delays.

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